What to Expect at an Evanta Executive Summit

Community Blog
Written by Clare Ryan

SEPTEMBER 19, 2023

At Evanta, a Gartner Company, we create exclusive communities of C-level executives from the world’s leading organizations - serving CIOs, CISOs, CHROs, CDAOs and CFOs across the globe. These powerful networks connect executive leaders on a local level to collaborate, validate strategies and tackle their common priorities and challenges.

Communities gather year-round at various programs, and members especially look forward to Executive Summits, where they spend a full day in person with their peers learning practical insights and building lasting relationships.

It is truly a great event, and it reminds me of why we all need this network… We all need a place to safely share our trials and our triumphs. When we do, we help each other enhance our abilities to not only achieve our company's goals but also our personal goals."

 - Gerry Mecca
Global CIO, Tropicana Products Inc.

We host hundreds of Executive Summits across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia every Spring and Fall. If you have not had a chance to attend your local summit, here is an inside look at what to expect as a participant.

Connect with True C-level Peers

Our members often say it can feel lonely in the C-suite, but joining an Evanta community and participating in an Executive Summit provides the opportunity to connect with other leaders in your same role who understand your experiences. Communities are built by and for C-level executives, and those who apply to join must meet specific criteria to qualify.

The great thing about the Evanta community is you get CIOs from every industry, and it’s amazing the similar problems that we have.”

- Eileen Mahoney
CIO at PVH Corp.

Executive Summits are designed for collaboration and our closed-door policy provides a safe space where members feel comfortable sharing their most pressing challenges with one another, building trust within the community. "One of the advantages of participating with the Evanta community is you really have an opportunity to engage with your peers. There aren't a lot of opportunities to do that at this scale," cited Alisia Gill, Chief People Officer at EmpiRX Health. 

Participate in Relevant, Interactive Sessions

We survey our members each year to identify their key priorities and the topics they would like to discuss with one another. This data informs each community’s Governing Body and helps them develop the agendas for their Executive Summits, ensuring the content meets the caliber and current needs of participants.

The summit is wholly coordinated by the Governing Body, who are members. So you know you’re going to get good quality vendor participation and speakers that are relevant, because they’re being chosen by your peers."

- Tod Mitchinson
VP, CISO of New York Life

Participants hear from practitioners and thought leaders sharing actionable insights around the mission critical issues impacting their role today. Formats vary from Keynote presentations to interactive Breakout sessions to intimate Boardroom discussions. 

Moin Haque, Head, Enterprise Data & Analytics at IFF expressed, "In many ways, it's a place I come to prepare for the battles and the wars back at work. And it's also, for me, a living search engine where I can come meet with peers, learn things and see how things are in action."

Meet One-on-One

Besides general networking, Executive Summits conduct Peer-to-Peer Meetings in private, one-on-one settings. Here, participants are matched with a peer based on shared interests and priorities, allowing for more meaningful conversations to occur within this exclusive network.

Gilberto Tosca, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Gucci recounted, “Peer-to-peer connection is the most valuable element of this participation. It allows us to share best practices with other C-level executives, discuss critical priorities, gain practical insights and find innovative solutions to problems and challenges we might face.”

Connect, Share and Learn at an Executive Summit

C-level executives join their community to connect, share and learn from their peers, and Executive Summits are the largest community program where they can do just that. Our members have busy schedules, but many say this program is critical to their strategic development and they make sure to attend.

As VP, CISO of Neiman Marcus Group Shamoun Siddiqui said, "This has been one of my favorite events. I don’t typically have the time or luxury to go to too many, but Evanta, I’ve always found to be the most useful, and I’ve always made an effort to be here."

If you are not already a member, apply to join your local Evanta community, and take a look at our calendar to register for your community’s next gathering.