3 Reasons to Participate In Person with Evanta

Community Blog
Written by Clare Ryan

JULY 25, 2023

For the past few years, the world has been shifting between virtual-first, hybrid, and in-person environments, and at Evanta, a Gartner Company, we’ve been pivoting our programs to ensure we meet the needs of our C-level communities. 

With the pandemic officially over, decisions are becoming less about safety and more about personal preference. We understand the convenience virtual programs bring to our busy C-level community members (and we will continue to offer them), but these 1-hour sessions provide just a taste of the Evanta community experience.

Community members, themselves, express how priceless face-to-face connections are for their professional and personal development, and last year, we were fortunate to bring back our full-day, in-person programs. So far this year, we are excited to share that we have hosted 96 Executive Summits and Inner Circle Dinners across the globe. 

For those who have not had the chance to participate in-person yet, here are 3 benefits C-level community members cite from gathering together with their peers.

  1. Connect with like-minded peers

It’s hard to build a network on your own, and virtual-only programs limit your connections. Evanta gives you the opportunity to grow your peer network through casual conversations with those who share your interests.

You need that interaction, and the Evanta environment gives you a great network to interact with people at large scale, small scale, different topics that are really relevant to all companies. So, that engagement is super critical.”

- Jim Swanson
EVP & Group CIO, Johnson & Johnson

“It's a huge opportunity for us to network, establish connections… because we are always in the four walls of the company. There is not enough time in the day to go out and network.”

- Geeta Pyne
Chief Enterprise Architect, Intuit

I have been part of the Evanta CHRO community since its beginning. The people I have met and the quality of discussions and learnings has been excellent. It’s a strategic community full of great people, all with a common focus and ambition. It’s very rewarding to be a part of it."

- Angela Williams
Chief People Officer, Corsearch

I find that face-to-face events are more important than they used to be back in the day. So, I look to these events to be the top way in which I maintain and develop the right links with trusted advisers of the future, and hopefully add some value of my own.”

- Charlie Ewen
Director of Technology & CIO, Met Office

  1. Build strong, lasting relationships

Conversations do not end at the summit. Executives indicate that the relationships they form within their community extend into their daily lives, counting on their peers when they need it most.

I think the biggest value is networking amongst peers and being able to build relationships with your peers that go beyond the actual meetings. So, the meeting is the starting point a lot of times, where you meet the person, get to know them a bit, and then follow on from there afterwards. Over the years, I've just found it hugely advantageous for me. It's been great.”

- John Gigerich
SVP & CIO, Keurig Dr Pepper

I’ve been able to form some strong relationships with brilliant, like-minded executives, learn from valuable peer-to-peer conversations and implement some best practices both personally and professionally.”

- Joan Taylor
Vice President, People & Culture, United Way

It's great being a member of the Evanta community, because you can reach out at any time to folks that you've met. You may not know that you need to reach out to them today, but thirty days from now, you'll remember that you spoke to them about this topic when you were together, and you can follow up.”

- Rhonda Gass
VP & Global CIO, Stanley Black and Decker

Everyone says ‘networking,’ but it is the deep, personal relationships that you build in your career that are critical to your professional success through advice, mentoring and coaching – you get out what you put in. It helps hone your professional style, taking the best from all, and you might even have some fun doing it."

- Craig Charlton
Group CIO, Compass Group

  1. Learn from executives at world-class organizations

At the current rate of change, it can feel impossible to know and understand all of the latest technologies and strategies. When being an “early adopter” can grant you a competitive advantage, community members appreciate the learnings and validation they receive from their peers.

Peer-to-peer connection is the most valuable element of this participation. It allows us to share best practices with other C-level executives, discuss critical priorities, gain practical insights and find innovative solutions to problems and challenges we might face.”

- Gilberto Tosca
Chief Technology & Information Officer, Gucci

The Evanta community affords me access to some of the industry’s leading experts. Furthermore, the Evanta summits and other events are always collaborative, insightful, and relevant. I leave every single event with a new idea, technology, or approach to a problem I am facing as a CISO."

- Chris Holden
SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, Crum & Forster

I feel there's power in learning from each other's experiences and networks. The group is diverse enough not to get into competitive or confidential hot water, but also high caliber enough to be able to dig into the more complicated questions of our time.”

- Jacco Kuipers
CFO, Ball Horticultural Company

Evanta brings people together to exchange ideas, challenges, and success stories. The cumulative wisdom, experience, and talent is amazing.”

- Fulya Fraser
CHRO, Pladis Global

Many executive leaders say it can feel lonely in the C-suite, but coming together with a local community of peers provides a safe space to connect, commiserate, learn and recharge. As Deborah Borg, Chief Human Resources and D&I Officer at IFF says, “The CHRO role can be a lonely one, so it is very refreshing to be able to step back and hear the challenges and triumphs of others, share best practices, and get great advice from like-minded peers." 

If you are not already an Evanta member, apply to join a community near you, and you can always check out our calendar to view your next in-person opportunity.