The CHRO’s Perspective: Recruitment, Onboarding, & Retention Strategies

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Written by Katie O'Reilly

MAY 17, 2022

Nearly 600 CHROs participated in Evanta’s Leadership Perspective Survey (LPS) to offer a look into their top priorities and planned investments in 2022. Survey results show that CHROs are prioritizing employee satisfaction and engagement while driving growth across the enterprise. 

Employee recruitment, onboarding, and retention strategies have jumped from the sixth highest rated business priority in 2021 to the second highest in 2022, and ranks number one in planned technology and service investments for the year. 

So, how are HR leaders approaching this mission critical priority?

One member of the Evanta community, the Chief People Officer from a global technology company, indicated that in 2022 they are shifting their focus to bringing in talent, stating, “Everything is about recruiting and retention, even getting recruiters.” 

Another Evanta community member explains that their company is also focused on retention in 2022, noting, “We have to put back into the business a real sense of belonging and make sure people understand they belong in the organization.” 

While there are varied approaches to recruitment, onboarding, and retention strategies, the top goals and challenges CHROs face are similar. Through hundreds of conversations with HR executives across North America, Evanta has identified the top goals and challenges that they are met with:

These same leaders recognize that in order to achieve their top goals, they must overcome the challenges they are currently facing. LPS results indicate that HR leaders collectively face similar obstacles in 2022:

Some investment will be necessary to meet these goals and challenges head-on. In fact, 48% of CHROs revealed that their operating budget has increased since last year, and 55% plan to spend more on technology and services than in the previous year. Overall, the majority of CHROs who plan to invest in recruiting, retention, and onboarding initiatives expect to do so within the next six months.

Here is a breakdown of how the Evanta communities have ranked these investment priorities and the timeline for when they plan to invest:

To join the continued conversation surrounding CHRO’s perspectives on recruiting, retention, and onboarding strategies in North America, register for one of the upcoming Evanta CHRO Executive Summits in your region:

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