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Written by Georgia Moore

APRIL 19, 2022

Over 500 CHROs have provided their feedback through Evanta’s Leadership Perspective Survey. Initial results show that driving growth and employee satisfaction and engagement are top enterprise priorities for CHROs, whilst they also highlighted that employee experience and organizational culture are of utmost importance within their business function to support wider goals. 

Survey results reveal that HR leaders rank employee experience and organizational culture as their #1 priority within their business function for 2022, jumping up from the #3 ranking in 2021 — ahead of recruitment strategies and diversity, equity and inclusion. Additionally, employee engagement remains a top investment area, ranking #4 for two years running. 

While diving deeper with executives, one Evanta community member from a global insurance and healthcare provider stated that “we want to be obsessive enough about employee experience in the same way we are about customer experience.” In the same vein, another CHRO from a $17 billion retailer voiced that they are “creating experiences for employees that stand apart by mirroring the customer journey with the employee journey.”

So, what goals and challenges within employee experience and organizational culture have CHROs shared with us? The “Great Reshuffle” is being felt by enterprises everywhere. During recent conversations, one executive stated that “many of us are experiencing a huge talent challenge right now, and a positive employee experience could give a solution to the talent retention we need.” 

Below are the top five goals and challenges for employee experience as reported by Evanta’s CHRO community. 


With regard to planned spend and investments, those CHROs who revealed they are investing in employee engagement — 66% will do so in the next 12 months. Moreover, 54% of these executives also indicated their planned technology spend has increased for 2022. Interestingly, this is 9% higher compared to CHROs who indicated investment in areas other than employee engagement. 

Here’s a breakdown of how some of Evanta’s CHRO communities have ranked their planned spend for 2022 and their timelines for investment:

Employee experience and organizational culture topics will feature frequently on upcoming Executive Summit agendas, including:

Atlanta CHRO Executive Summit on May 12th

New York CHRO Executive Summit on May 24th 

Minneapolis CHRO Executive Summit on May 25th

Boston CHRO Executive Summit on June 7th

If you would like the chance to discuss how to create unique experiences and foster a culture that helps you achieve enterprise goals, alongside like-minded CHRO peers within your community, you can view our summits here.

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