Top 10 Trends for CHROs in 2022

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Written by Katie O’Reilly

MARCH 22, 2022

In the past two years, few roles have undergone as much change as that of the CHRO. Supporting and caring for a workforce has gone from the general rhythm of business to a mission-critical priority. In the face of all this change, we sought to find out where CHROs are focusing their attention and budget in 2022.

Each year, we survey CHROs across our communities to discover their priorities, challenges and goals for the year ahead. This data is used to  inform the topics and agendas for all of the virtual and in-person gatherings we facilitate. 

This year, we see some trends from our initial survey results of more than 450 CHROs. The role of the CHRO is one of a business leader, along with a people leader. This balance is reflected in their top two priorities for the enterprise in 2022 — driving growth and employee satisfaction and engagement.

Below are the top five trends in enterprise priorities for CHROs:

  1. Driving growth remains the #1 enterprise priority in 2022

  2. Employee satisfaction and engagement held its position at #2

  3. Innovating for a competitive advantage dropped from the #4 priority in 2021 to #5 in 2022

  4. Increasing diversity, equity & inclusion moved up in the rankings to the #4 priority in 2022

  5. Improving customer experiences dropped out of the top 5 in 2022, falling to #7

The chart below shows the top three enterprise priorities for CHROs in each of our largest markets:


These are the top five trends for CHRO investment areas in 2022:

  1. Recruiting moved from the #1 spot to #2, in 2022, trading places with Data & Analytics

  2. Compensation moved from the #5 investment area up to #3

  3. Learning technology moved from the #3 planned spend area to #6

  4. Employee engagement stayed at #4 from 2021 to 2022

  5. Wellness & wellbeing solutions moved into the top 5 in 2022, up from #10 previously

The chart below shows the top three enterprise priorities for CHROs in each of our largest markets:

These trends may help CHROs adjust their strategies for the year ahead or simply validate their priorities with those of their peers. Partners and solution providers should also take note of the trends as they provide helpful insights into some of the most important decision-makers in HR.

As the profile of the CHRO continues to level-up across industries, we expect to see these trends continue to show more alignment in priorities across the organization. The data shows that initiatives that were traditionally HR-centric, including recruitment strategies, training and employee engagement, are now topics that are top of mind for all C-level leaders. Working together to advance the organization with a people-first mentality is the only way for the enterprise to thrive into the future.

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Katie O’Reilly

Director, Content at Evanta, a Gartner Company

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