6 Must-See Sessions at International CISO Summits

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Written by Georgia Moore

MAY 2, 2024

At this time of year at Evanta, we are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the sessions and agendas for our spring summits in CISO communities around the world. We have had numerous productive conversations with Governing Body members and have evaluated the 1,300 responses from security leaders to our annual Leadership Perspective Survey.

All of this great qualitative and quantitative feedback enables us to provide discussion topics and sessions that are truly driven by CISOs and for CISOs. This year, security leaders are particularly focused on managing an ever-changing threat landscape, enabling the implementation of AI, and communicating risk to the board and other stakeholders. 

With a backdrop of a fast-paced and volatile environment for security leaders, here are six highlights of upcoming CISO summits across our international communities. 

  1. Behind the Swipe — How Security Awareness Impacts us all at the Nordic CIO & CISO Executive Summit

Cecilie Fjellhøy never thought she would be a victim of fraud, until it happened to her. Featured on one of the most watched Netflix documentaries of all time, The Tinder Swindler, Cecile will share her story at the Nordic CIO & CISO Executive Summit and highlight the importance of bringing the personal into the security awareness conversation.

  1. Collaborate with Enhanced Data Security to Drive Competitiveness at the Nordic CIO & CISO Executive Summit

Also at the Nordic CIO & CISO Summit, Lars Falch, CISO/CVP, Global Information Security at Novo Nordisk, and Johannes Eriksson, CSO & CISO at Lantmännen, will host a discussion on how CISOs can drive competitive advantage through secure data collaboration by using storytelling, skills and policies alongside Fortanix. 

  1. The Foundations and Scaffolding Behind Effective Cybersecurity at the UK & Ireland CISO Executive Summit

Opening the UK & Ireland CISO Executive Summit will be Mary Haigh, Group CISO at BAE Systems, an organisation with strategic defense capabilities, where geopolitical tensions have escalated a huge number of cyber threats. Mary will address why CISOs shouldn't start with the technology, but focus on developing a clear vision and strategy, the governance, transparent reporting, the culture and the strong moral values within our teams.

  1. Defend Your Cybersecurity Investments with Executives Through Outcome Driven Metrics at the UK & Ireland CISO Executive Summit

In some cases, community members request to hear topics from the perspective of Gartner, and cybersecurity investment is one of them. In an interactive and gamified workshop, Eduardo Mastranza, VP & Executive Partner at Gartner, will help UK & Ireland CISOs harness the power of ODMs (outcome-driven metrics) to navigate crucial discussions effectively, ultimately safeguarding their cybersecurity initiatives and investments.

  1. Bridging the Gap Between IT, Security & Business at the Italy CIO & CISO Executive Summit

Listen as Gilberto Tosca, CTIO, and Daniele Dal Re, CISO, of Gucci share in a keynote how they successfully bridged the gap between IT, Security and the business at one of the world’s most influential fashion houses. Gilberto and Daniele will discuss strategies for increasing leadership buy-in for technology investments and the steps you can take to improve communication and increase security awareness at the board level. 

  1. If You Have a Brain, You Have Bias – The Neuroscience of Decision Making at the Italy CIO & CISO Executive Summit

Making optimal decisions based on the data and metrics available is imperative to accelerate digital initiatives. However, the impact unconscious biases have in the decisions we make may well affect the overall outcome, as well as team performance. Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and High Performance Culture Expert, will provide advice on how executives can address their internal biases to make better decisions.

We look forward to these peer-driven discussions and many more as CISOs gather in person over the next few months. To join your CISO peers at an upcoming gathering, explore our CISO communities and apply to join. If you are already a member, sign in to MyEvanta to register for your community’s upcoming Executive Summit.


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