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Written by Liz Ramey

OCTOBER 20, 2022

Well into the second half of the year, we like to check in our Evanta CIO community members and their priorities for the remainder of 2022. This year, the top three functional priorities for CIOs have remained remarkably consistent: cybersecurity strategies, data and analytics, and digital business. Across the enterprise, more senior technology leaders are finding improving customer experience a top initiative in the latter part of the year.

Knowing their key areas of opportunity helps us create the most timely and relevant discussions and sessions at our upcoming CIO Executive Summits. In addition, we help bring together CIO practitioners, thought leaders and partners that can share their experiences with CIO peers.

This Fall, more than $1 trillion of revenue is represented by the CIOs on these meticulously built agendas. These powerful leaders will spend their days discussing how to overcome the most pressing challenges of today. 

Here are 7 key sessions and featured speakers at upcoming summits that CIOs won’t want to miss.

  1. Evolving Your Role as CIO at the New York CIO Executive Summit

Role evolution is nothing new to CIOs. Technology has impacted every organization's growth, and in turn has changed the role of the IT organization, evolving the CIO from a technical leader to a valuable business executive. Tomorrow’s CIO must ask themselves, what's next for the role of the CIO? 

Join Shannon Britton, CIO of Shiseido Americas Corporation, Steve Rullo, Global CIO of Great-West Lifeco, and Hina Shamsi, Chief Technology Officer, US Banks at Morgan Stanley, to discuss how to envision the future of CIO leadership.

  1. Stress Management Strategies for Effective Leadership at the Philadelphia CIO Executive Summit

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are an unprecedented number of employees struggling with stress and mental health concerns that negatively impact their work and home life. The skill of stress management is more important than ever for leaders to motivate and support their teams effectively, while sustaining personal well-being.  

In this interactive keynote, Oluyinka Ajirotutu, Stress Management & Lifestyle Change Expert, will help CIOs understand the critical role leaders play regarding stress management and offer key strategies to reduce stress, overcome burnout and develop resilience.

  1. Cybersecurity Insurance - What Price Will You Pay? at the Houston CIO Executive Summit

Join this friendly debate, moderated by Joe Carroll, CIO at CITGO Petroleum, Jennifer Hohman, CIO & VP of Seadrill, and Bradley Hoover, CIO of the RELLIS Campus of the Texas A&M University System, on the ever-pressing topic of cyber insurance. Premiums are rising, and leaders from every organization are questioning the value of holding cyber insurance. 

In this evolving conversation, CIOs will discuss the changing cyber insurance industry and share open conversations about the struggles and benefits of investing in cyber insurance.

  1. Bridging the Digital Divide — Bringing Broadband to Vibrant Rural Communities at the Minneapolis CIO Executive Summit

Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer Teddy Bekele of Land O’Lakes will share a first-hand perspective on how the digital divide hits rural citizens. When life took a dramatic digital shift and everyday activities like schoolwork, business and doctors’ appointments moved online, Land O’ Lakes decided it was time to make rural broadband a priority. 

Teddy will discuss how Land O’Lakes is transforming their business and communities, furthering the use of precision agriculture technology, and fostering innovation that changes lives.

  1. Navigating the Evolving Threat Landscape at the San Francisco CIO Executive Summit

As CIOs are well aware, today's threat landscape features both foreign and domestic online security concerns that could stop or delay business. As business leaders, CIOs must improve resiliency to attacks and have solid plans in place. 

In this session, Elvis Chan, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Cyber Branch at the FBI San Francisco, and one of the FBI’s foremost experts on cybersecurity, walks CIOs through what to do before, during and after a breach. This discussion will feature actions to take during a breach from both business and public relations angles, strategies for addressing the emerging threat landscape, and navigating the relationship between investigators and organizations that could help during a crisis.

  1. Challenging the Status Quo to Drive Change at the Chicago CIO Executive Summit

Regardless of how advanced or regressive your environment is, with the right mix of team and tech, you can make a change in your organization. That’s the approach Kraft Heinz CIO Corrado Azzarita and CISO Ricardo Lafosse took when they formed a dynamic partnership that transformed a legacy environment into a security-first mindset in just 12 months.

This CIO & CISO duo will break down why ruffling feathers isn’t always a bad thing, how to culture hack your way to a better work environment, and how to determine practical next steps at your organization.

  1. Building Resilient Cybersecurity Strategies at the Southern California CIO Executive Summit 

Consistently the #1 topic of interest among CIOs this year, cybersecurity continues to be challenging. In this session, CIOs will discuss the threat landscape and the critical importance of keeping cybersecurity strategies fresh and dynamic. 

This interactive discussion will raise awareness and provide CIOs with a clear path to overcoming the challenges of third-party risks, insider threats, and communicating with the board during a crisis.

As you can see, driving change and innovation, protecting the organization from cyber security threats, and the continuously evolving role of the CIO are top of mind for CIOs across Evanta communities. To join the conversation with CIO peers, find your CIO community or select an upcoming Executive Summit to attend here.


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