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Written by Georgia Moore

OCTOBER 25, 2022

In the first half of 2022, CIOs and CISOs in Evanta’s communities in Australia were able to get together and discuss mission critical topics virtually. But now, we are thrilled that these CIOs and CISOs are gathering in person in November for the first time since 2019!

The packed agendas for the Executive Summits are driven by CIOs and CISOs and for CIOs and CISOs, and executives’ responses to our proprietary Leadership Perspective Survey help to create the most relevant and timely content at the Summits. These are the top priorities cited by CIOs and CISOs in Australia today:

  1. Cybersecurity Strategies
  2. Digital Business Priorities
  3. Data & Analytics
  4. Cost/Resource Optimisation
  5. Third-Party Risk Management

Based on these priorities, here are 5 sessions not to be missed at the upcoming Executive Summits.

Sydney CIO & CISO Executive Summit

  1. Why Many CIOs are Prioritising Security Management

CIO Daniel Evans of Rio Tinto Australia kicks off the summit with an opening keynote on cybersecurity. This year, CIOs are expected to be more involved in cybersecurity, while maintaining the role of the primary technology decision maker. According to research, security and risk management skills are also the top skills CIOs are expected to seek this year. In this keynote session, Evans will talk about his incredible journey from a security leader to a CIO.

  1. How Technology and Data are Both Key Enablers of Digital Business Acceleration

As organisations are continuing their journeys into digital business, IT needs to transform the way service and operations are delivered by building new digital capabilities, driving continuous innovation, and leveraging a data-driven approach. In this session, Chief Technology Officer Paul Murphy of GHD talks about how this ambitious journey requires IT leaders to identify what an effective data management program looks like and how data and analytics can support expanding their digital business and increasing their D&A maturity.

Melbourne CIO & CISO Executive Summit

  1. From the Front Lines – The Ransomware Defence Strategies that Worked

Over the past year, Sygnia partnered with more than 100 organisations to defeat ransomware attacks. In this session, executives will share what strategies worked for these CISOs, and how you can build on their experience to secure your network. Ransomware attacks have evolved, but if you identify the threat early-on, technologies already in place can eliminate it with no need for additional spend.

The session will feature: 

  • A real-world case study: The anatomy of a heavyweight ransomware attack
  • Key pitfalls commonly overlooked by security teams
  • Quick wins for preventing ransomware attacks without investing in additional technologies
  1. Cloud Strategy & Governance at Bendigo: How to Upskill Key IT Talent to Combat Talent Shortages

As the ongoing migration to the cloud continues, organisations risk faltering as they attempt to upskill IT talent and combat talent shortages. In this opening keynote, CIO Andrew Cresp of Bendigo talks about how it is essential for organisations to build a robust digital talent model – leveraging new technologies to shift mindsets across the Australian workforce. To maintain operational efficiency, drive value, and ensure longevity, organisations must broaden their skill and opportunity lens to embrace diversity, focusing on reskilling and upskilling – beyond just the tech and engineering spheres.

Cresp will discuss how they:

  • Applied democratisation of learning through the pandemic to fast-track learning around the cloud, DevOps, and APIs
  • Utilised their IBL program to widen talent pathways
  • Create a chargeback model for cloud to maximise value from cloud and minimise cost
  1. Adopting a Growth Mindset and Boosting Resilience

Both the Melbourne and Sydney CIO and CISO communities will get to hear from motivational speaker and 3x world record-breaking adventurer Daniel Bull. Bull went on a decade-long quest to become the youngest person in the world to climb the highest mountain and the highest volcano on every continent. 

Bull is a world-renowned speaker on resilience and shares powerful and practical strategies learnt from Everest to Antarctica, while empowering audiences to defy limits, grasp opportunities, and conquer their own mountains – in work and in life.

To learn more about the CIO and CISO communities in Australia, please go to your CIO or CISO community page or register for an upcoming gathering here.

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