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Written by Megan Woodruff

MAY 9, 2023

With Spring well underway, we’re just a few weeks out from Evanta’s CDAO Executive Summits. For the vast majority of our data and analytics communities, this is the premiere gathering. In between online engagements and exclusive dinners, the Evanta summit is a full-day conference focused on sharing, learning and networking.

Many D&A leaders who attend Evanta summits say this is a time to discuss their most burning questions with their peers.

“Easily, my favorite conference — I spend 99% of my time educating my company on why we need all of the things discussed in the conference, but at the conference, I actually find out what works and what doesn't work. It is a tremendous help, and I can apply the learnings immediately,” says a CDAO attendee in Atlanta.

Another CDAO attendee in New York says, "I love being part of the Evanta community. In the past year, we have had so many useful and inspiring conversations. You can tell there is trust in this group as the members are willing to be open and honest about the ups and downs of their role.”

Amid budget cuts from market volatility and disruption from generative AI, we’re committed to building agendas that tackle topics CDAOs are prioritizing. This season, we’re focusing on data and analytics governance and ethics, inspiring a data-driven culture and adjusting data strategy to meet market demands.

Here are just a few of the highly anticipated sessions this season:

  1. Building Data Culture by Leveraging Information Governance at the Washington CDAO Executive Summit

In this keynote session, Northrop Grumman’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Kelli Law, shares how they’re enhancing data culture through transparency and maximizing use of data and analytics enabled by information governance. Law says with the right governance framework in place and creative programs to establish a data-first mindset, the enterprise can maximize resources.

This session will explore successes in cross-team collaboration, building trust in data and upskilling the workforce.

  1. Out With the Old — Modernizing Legacy Systems at the Boston CDAO Executive Summit

In this session for the modern CDAO, Veronika Durgin, Head of Data for Saks Fifth Avenue, explains the benefits of retiring legacy systems. Durgin says outdated tools and processes can lead to inefficiency, lack of innovation and cultural impediments at scale.

Here, she’ll discuss how to build a business case for modernization, embrace flexible data models and explore methods of maximining data.

  1. Dynamic Duo — The Evolving Role of the D&A Leader at the Southern California CDAO Executive Summit

The role of the CDAO is rapidly evolving, as is the way they approach decision-making. Gartner suggests that value-stream-based collaboration will lead to better cross-functional communication and value creation.

In this session, D&A leaders from CAA, DIRECTV, MGM Studios and Team One join forces to share how they’re leading with a data-first mindset. In this session, they’ll elaborate on ways to enhance analytic capability and remain agile in a rapidly changing digital ecosystem.

  1. Renovating Enterprise D&A Strategy Through Lessons Learned at the Dallas CDAO Executive Summit

With the emergence of new advanced analytic capabilities and ongoing market volatility, CDAOs are reevaluating their data and analytics strategies. When leaders deploy a successful data strategy, it will reinforce and fill the gaps within business strategy, propelling the enterprise forward.

In this summit session, the SVP & CDAO of Globe Life alongside the senior director of data services for Rent-A-Center share how they identify metrics to track D&A initiatives, align business and technology around a common goal and scale data strategy.

  1. The Business Case for Governance at the Minneapolis CDAO Executive Summit

Data and analytics executives in real estate, health care and sports come together in Minneapolis to discuss a goal at the top of their lists — data governance. When implementing the right framework, governance sets rules, policies and procedures to ensure compliance, transparency, responsibility and accountability.

In this panel discussion, D&A leaders from Greystar, Mayo Clinic and the Minnesota Twins will explore how to stand-up governance to meet compliance and create accountability, identify KPIs to track progress and build a case for governance resources.

  1. Growing Data Literacy - Creating a Culture of Safety at the New York CDAO Executive Summit

One of the biggest priorities of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer is to enable and inspire the organization to make decisions based on data, rather than a gut feeling. To do this, the CDO should teach the workforce about available tools and assets but also instill a culture of safety as employees grow to keep with digital capabilities.

Join this session as Alexander Izaguirre, the CDO for Weill Cornell Medical College, shares best practices in how to make data actionable, educate the workforce and build your internal pipeline for data-related roles.

  1. Adopting a Value-First Mindset to Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation at the UK & Ireland CDAO Executive Summit

Many companies are leveraging AI to boost efficiency and optimize costs. At Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, they’re also using AI to reduce waste, empower the business and advance data-driven innovation.

In this keynote session CDIO, Stuart Hughes, will share challenges the organization has faced on their journey, how they’ve become a data disruptor and how they’re using a data lakehouse to accelerate insights.

These sessions are just a few of the stories we plan to share. We’ll be covering all the angles of artificial intelligence and we’ll be diving into data quality, democratization and self-service. 

Apply to join your local CDAO community, and save your seat at a CDAO Executive Summit near you. You can find the calendar of programs here.


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