DACH CISO Virtual Executive Summit

11 May 2021 | 09:00 - 16:00 CEST

11 May 2021 | 09:00 - 16:00 CEST


Collaborate with your peers

Come together with your peers virtually to tackle top business challenges through peer-driven content and discussions at the DACH CISO Virtual Executive Summit.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CISOs today:

Accelerating security to match the pace of digital business initiatives

Managing the risk created from a landscape of new core technologies

Achieving sustainability for the CISO role without compromising outcomes


Martin Bally

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Sascha Brock

Deutsche Post
VP Chief Information Security Officer

John Petersen


Judith Wunschik

Siemens Energy
Chief Cyber Security Officer

Christoph Bernius

Allianz Deutschland

Chuks Ojeme

Brenntag AG
Global CISO

What to Expect

Connect with your CISO community through a variety of different session formats at the upcoming Virtual Executive Summit. You'll have the opportunity to listen, engage and create lasting relationships with like-minded peers.


Hear from CISO practitioners and thought leaders on how they're solving critical challenges impacting your role today in Keynote sessions, and join intimate, interactive discussions with peers in Boardroom sessions.

Meet the Speakers

Don't miss this opportunity to meet with CISO practitioners and industry thought leaders who shared their insights on the agenda. Come with questions and get ready to meet new friends in this casual session designed to foster peer connections and collaboration in the DACH community.

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a private, one-on-one setting through Evanta's Peer-to-Peer Meetings. Be sure to opt in when you register and get matched based on your key priorities.


11 May 2021

09:00 - 09:45  CEST Virtual Summit Keynote

The Economics of Network & Security Transformation

Neil Thacker headshot

Neil Thacker



David King headshot

David King

Regional ISO, EMEA

Omnicom Media Group

Organisations are feeling a shift in the world of networking and security as they continue to rapidly adopt and embrace the cloud. With this shift, security and networking services and controls are converging whilst shifting to the cloud also. Enterprises are demanding speed, agility, security and reliability without compromise whilst CISOs are being tasked with delivering this transformation with the same clear reduction in costs that cloud infrastructure programmes have delivered. In this session, we will:

  • Showcase how the move to cloud can improve TCO and improve ROI on network and security spend
  • Demonstrate operational efficiencies to ensure network and security staff can re-purpose and prioritise their time to focus on events, alerts and incidents
  • Share a 4-phase strategy focused on improving cloud security whilst supporting network and security transformation

09:45 - 10:00  CEST Break

10:00 - 11:00  CEST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Combating and Understanding the Insider Threats in your Organisation

Jimmy Heschl headshot

Jimmy Heschl

Head of Digital Security

Red Bull

Andreas Gaetje headshot

Andreas Gaetje



Wolfgang Zimmer headshot

Wolfgang Zimmer

Senior Manager Sales Engineering

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Christian Schwendemann headshot

Christian Schwendemann

Lead Sales Engineer

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Some of the biggest threats to organisations are on the inside. Insider threat is recognised as a major security risk by CISOs. Security leaders need to know who is at risk, what the source of the risk is and what the triggers are that can activate risky behaviour. Join this session to discover:

  • The benefits of a SASE network in a rapidly changing network landscape
  • Building better profiles and personas to help identify unusual behaviour for users
  • Examining past insider threats to better test and refine your incident response preparation

10:00 - 11:00  CEST Virtual Summit Boardroom

The “Sec” in the DevSecOps Journey — a CISO’s Perspective

Victor Keong headshot

Victor Keong

CISO Whisperer


David King headshot

David King

Regional ISO, EMEA

Omnicom Media Group

Michael Krull headshot

Michael Krull



 “Left Shifting” is upon us and CISOs are struggling to find relevancy is this brave new world. Join this lively discussion to talk through some of the challenges your peers are facing in the agile/scrum/CI/CD DevOps environment, and what successes have been seen. The discussion will also cover those areas of “insertion” that CISOs would like to be effective in this new world. 

Join this session as CISOs will address:

  • Understanding how organisations define DevSecOps
  • Using automation and orchestration as enhancers in the DevOps process to provide consistency for your DevOps environment/platform/OS/tools/repositories
  • Discussing, from an audit and compliance perspective, how effective has these requirements been satisfied in your organisation’s “Shift Left” development process

10:00 - 11:00  CEST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Measuring and Communicating Risk – What Really Counts?

Michael Doerflinger headshot

Michael Doerflinger

Business Information Security Officer

McKesson Europe

Marcus Popp headshot

Marcus Popp

Head of IT Security and Data Protection


Leading information security executives know that the language of technology doesn’t always resonate outside of IT. “Risk” is the vocabulary of the business, yet measuring and discussing this all-important concept in an actionable way remains a unique challenge. Join this session to learn:

  • Actionable risk metrics, both for use inside the security function and with outside stakeholders
  • How the language and awareness of information security risk has evolved
  • Techniques to automate collection of meaningful security metrics

11:00 - 11:45  CEST Virtual Summit Keynote

The Roadmap to SASE Completion: A New Standard for Security Operations

Michael Ebner headshot

Michael Ebner



Richard Archdeacon headshot

Richard Archdeacon

Advisory CISO

Cisco Systems

As security shifts to the cloud, legacy systems are facing consolidation and reworking in order to reduce complexity and improve agility across the business. The old siloed approach is starting to become obsolete, as the gaps in today’s security stack are being closed in order to secure the new network architecture.

CISOs are contending with an entirely new type of network and security needs, therefore they must understand where the security landscape is heading and how they can prepare for it.

In this session CISOs will explore:

  • Where the security landscape is heading and what steps they need to take to keep their organisation safe and secure 
  • How to streamline network and security operations in the cloud 
  • How to reduce complexity in a cost-effective way by utilising a unified network and security service managed through a single, self-service console

11:45 - 12:15  CEST Break

12:15 - 12:45  CEST Virtual Summit Keynote

TAKEN in 96 Hours

Thom Langford headshot

Thom Langford

Senior Advocate


Aleksandar Radosavljevic headshot

Aleksandar Radosavljevic

Global CISO


“I might not have the budget, but what I do have are a particular set of services. Services I have acquired over a very long procurement process. Services that make me a nightmare for criminals who try to attack my network. If you leave my network now that will be the end of it. But if you don’t, I will look for it, I will find it, and I will pull that kill switch.”

Do you daydream of having this conversation with the cybercriminals that attack your network? If this is you, then make sure you really do have the services (and processes, procedures and policies) to back up that monologue. Ransomware especially is invasive, pervasive, and worst case, destructive; cutting off the attacks before they begin is key. Join this session and learn:

  • Why ransomware can exploit even the smallest weakness in your security controls
  • Fundamental approaches to detect and respond to minimise and contain damage
  • How to take advantage of new services, approaches and attitudes to best curtail any ambitions you have of monologuing like a Hollywood A-lister

12:45 - 13:00  CEST Break

13:00 - 14:00  CEST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Virtual Boardroom: What Does the Future CISO Look Like?

Chuks Ojeme headshot

Chuks Ojeme

Global CISO

Brenntag AG

Ralf Winzer headshot

Ralf Winzer

Group CISO

Zehnder Group

Ali Baccouche headshot

Ali Baccouche

Regional IS & DPO, EMEA

Texas Instruments

The CISO role is now recognised as a critical business function by most organisations, and the recent breaches and operating environments have only highlighted that importance amid the rapid pivots to remote work and new digital business models. Yet looking to the future, what must the CISO do to further elevate their roles, augment their skills and energise themselves to lead into a new era?

Join your peers in this virtual boardroom to discuss:

  • The arc of evolution for the CISO role, and the skills needed for what’s coming next
  • Enduring leadership lessons learned from the COVID-19 era
  • Strategies to remain engaged, energised and focused during turbulent times

13:00 - 14:00  CEST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Virtual Boardroom: Identifying the Way Forward with IAM

Michael Schmidt headshot

Michael Schmidt

Information Security Manager

H.B. Fuller Company

Paul Sester headshot

Paul Sester

Information Security Manager

Hornbach-Baumarkt AG

A sound identity and access management (IAM) strategy and effective IAM program management is the foundation of success in today’s digital business environment. Join this session and discuss how to avoid pitfalls through best practices and from successful and not-so-successful IAM programs. Specifically you will discuss:

  • Adapt IAM strategy to broader digital transformation
  • Align IAM initiatives with the organisation’s security, applications, data and digital business strategies
  • Enable the business to be more agile, responsive and customer-driven

13:00 - 14:00  CEST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Virtual Boardroom: Mitigating New Third Party Risks

Boris Awdejew headshot

Boris Awdejew


Fiege Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG

Thomas Mann headshot

Thomas Mann



Many third-party risks are identified after initial onboarding and due diligence, suggesting traditional methods in risk management policy fail to capture new and evolving risks. As these external partnerships become increasingly complex, the need for a new vendor risk management approach is clear.

Join this conversation to:

  • Establish business-driven methods for ongoing risk management analysis
  • Partner across the C-Suite to establish organisational buy-in
  • Strategies to employ an iterative approach to ongoing relationship management

14:00 - 14:30  CEST Networking

Meet the Speakers

Don't miss this opportunity to meet with CISO practitioners and industry thought leaders who shared their insights on the agenda. Come with questions and get ready to meet new friends in this casual session designed to foster peer connections and collaboration in the DACH community. 

14:30 - 16:00  CEST Virtual Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

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