Boston CHRO Virtual Executive Summit

December 17, 2020 | 7:45am - 12:30pm EST

December 17, 2020 | 7:45am - 12:30pm EST

Collaborate with your peers

Come together with your peers virtually to tackle top business challenges through peer-driven content and discussions at the Boston CHRO Virtual Executive Summit.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CHROs today:

Realigning your workforce planning and talent strategy for the next normal

Strategies and tactics for driving a culture of inclusion and belonging

Reimagining employee experience and developing a hybrid workforce model


Ronald Arigo

AAA Northeast

Lisa Britt

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Senior VP & Chief Human Resources Officer

Mary Beth DeNooyer

Keurig Dr Pepper

Ginger Gregory

Executive VP & CHRO

Joseph Sangregorio



December 17, 2020

7:45am - 8:50am EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Leading CEO Succession

Kevin Cox headshot

Kevin Cox


General Electric

The role of the CHRO during a CEO succession is a critical one. 

Join Kevin Cox, CHRO, GE, as he shares his experience and perspective on:

  • Leading CEO succession planning for boards of directors
  • Critical factors to ensure a successful process for all stakeholders
  • Key experiences to help CHROs get ready for this particular aspect of the role

8:50am - 9:00am EST Break

9:00am - 10:00am EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Strategies and Tactics for Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Vivian Leonard headshot

Vivian Leonard

Director, Human Resources

City of Boston, MA

Jill Andy headshot

Jill Andy

SVP, Human Resources


Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller headshot

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller

Chief Diversity Officer


2020 opened the world’s eyes to the vital and fundamental importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging within our own organizations, and to society as a whole. A volatile backdrop of social injustice combined with increased polarization has accelerated the need for DE&I programs to move beyond diversity quotas and other standard metrics to focus on meaningful change related to creating cultures of inclusion and belonging - where differences aren’t a disruption, rather a celebration. This boardroom will discuss:

  • Identifying marginalized populations in your workforce and promoting a culture that values uniqueness over sameness 

  • Developing policies, processes and programs that drive inclusion and a sense belonging

  • Strategies for driving inclusion in traditional institutions with entrenched cultures and working with resistant individuals who are crucial to the organization

9:00am - 10:00am EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Realigning and Evolving HR Metrics for the New World of Work

Lisa Britt headshot

Lisa Britt

Senior VP & Chief Human Resources Officer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Arthur Wood headshot

Arthur Wood

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Cabot Corp

Hallie Bregman headshot

Hallie Bregman

Global Head of People Analytics


Vincent Greco headshot

Vincent Greco

Head of People Analytics


Greg Pryor headshot

Greg Pryor

SVP, People & Performance Evangelist


Like a sudden and unexpected earthquake, the workforce landscape and HR’s priorities completely shifted under everyone’s feet almost overnight. HR is facing a tidal wave of competing challenges of needing to reduce costs, drive a workforce that is suddenly operating in a way it never has before, shifting corporate values of what is important and wider societal movements that impact employees and the workforce. The aftershock has resulted in a misalignment of what is being measured and what needs to be measured now and in the future. Join this thought provoking discussion to consider:

  • Emerging metrics that are increasingly important to incorporate into your analytics program

  • New ways of measuring productivity in virtual and hybrid environments

  • How to develop an agile people analytics program that can evolve to predictive and prescriptive analytics

9:00am - 10:00am EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Crafting a People Success Strategy for the New World of Work

Christina Rasieleski headshot

Christina Rasieleski

People Science Program Manager


Marilyn Hausammann headshot

Marilyn Hausammann

VP, Human Resources

Harvard College

Joe Nedder headshot

Joe Nedder

Chief Human Resources Officer

Edelman Financial Engines

Joseph Sangregorio headshot

Joseph Sangregorio



Organizations and employees alike have largely embraced the wide-ranging flexibility that has come with the new world of work. But people leaders now face a new set of challenges. Chief among them: How do we help our employees maintain the connections that are vital to workplace success? How do we create a sense of belonging among employees working in a virtual environment? How do we help them avoid burnout?

Join this boardroom to engage in a thoughtful conversation on:

• Responding rapidly to your organization’s changing needs

• Enabling managers to help employees do their best work and be their best selves

• Using your employee engagement strategy to set up your organization for long-term success

10:00am - 10:45am EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Boston CHRO State of the Union

Janice Deskus headshot

Janice Deskus



Kathy-Jo Payette headshot

Kathy-Jo Payette

Chief People Officer

Panera Bread

Lisa Britt headshot

Lisa Britt

Senior VP & Chief Human Resources Officer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Melanie Tinto headshot

Melanie Tinto

Chief Human Resources Officer


2020 has been a challenging, volatile and transformative year for everyone but none so much as our human resources leaders.  As we start to look back on 2020 and determine the long term ramifications this year will have on our future, CHRO’s need to rise above the commotion to reflect and forecast the implications of larger global, national and professional forces that are at play. 

Join your peers to discuss the current and future-state of the CHRO and our workforces:

  • Implications of recent and upcoming global and national events 

  • The changing and emerging role of the CHRO in the organization post-crisis

  • Identifying inflection points on the horizon and how they may impact the workforce, talent and human resources

10:45am - 11:00am EST Break

11:00am - 12:00pm EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Driving a Culture of Purpose, Resilience and Innovation in a WFH and Hybrid Workforce

Andrew Shatté, PhD headshot

Andrew Shatté, PhD

Chief Knowledge Officer


Ginger Gregory headshot

Ginger Gregory

Executive VP & CHRO


Amber Howe headshot

Amber Howe

Chief People Officer


Brendan Reidy headshot

Brendan Reidy

Chief Human Resource Officer

Acushnet Company

The single biggest issue keeping most Boston CHRO’s up at night right now is how to drive company culture in a virtual or hybrid environment.  How do you foster trust between managers and employees and between team members?  How do you cultivate interactions and informal networks that lead to innovation? How do you inspire and grow a sense of purpose in individuals and across the organization? 

This is a critical challenge for all Boston CHRO’s, none of whom any one has all the answers. This boardroom calls for the community to put our heads together to identify how we will find answers to some of these questions.  You will share ideas for:

  • Cultivating informal interactions and connections in a virtual environment and developing your leaders to prioritize and drive culture

  • Aligning culture and creating a sense of belonging between your hybrid, in-person and virtual workforces

  • Introduce a new mindset, practices, processes and cultural changes that emphasize trust, experimentation and purpose

11:00am - 12:00pm EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Reimagining Employee Experience and Engagement for a Better Normal

Mary Beth DeNooyer headshot

Mary Beth DeNooyer


Keurig Dr Pepper

Michael Danubio headshot

Michael Danubio


Boston Red Sox

Joan McGrail headshot

Joan McGrail

Vice President Human Resources

New Balance

As the business response shifts from survival and recovery to renewal and redesign, understanding and crafting a new and more meaningful employee experience will be at the top of every CHRO’s agenda.  Reimagining the employee experience will see HR breaking down silos and setting in motion a snowball of organizational courage to embed employee connectedness, belonging and well-being into the DNA of organizational culture. 

Bring a spirit of collaborative problem solving to this interactive boardroom to discuss:

  • How the employee journey and the moments that matter are changing

  • How to operationalize care, well-being and connection in an organization

  • Crafting your new employee experience strategy and metrics for the next normal

12:00pm - 12:30pm EST Networking

CHRO's helping CHRO's - Community Discussion

Join this informal virtual gathering to network and meet other CHRO's in your Boston and New England community.  You will also have the opportunity to share a challenge you currently have with other HR leaders in the community, and discuss possible approaches and solutions to your challenge with your peer CHRO's.  

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