2023 CIO Leadership Perspectives

CIO Views on Top Priorities and Opportunities
March 2023

Despite the uncertain economic environment, business leaders are tasked with driving growth in 2023. They are also looking to improve operational efficiencies and productivity and optimize costs. To achieve their growth goals, accelerating digital business initiatives has never been more important, and CIOs are in a key position to deliver them. 

As organizations may proceed cautiously when it comes to budgets and resources, CIOs have to remain agile with their digital strategies and prioritize initiatives that will impact the bottom line. Because they are closely connected to growth drivers, the top priorities for CIOs are also critical to the overall business. 

This year, more than 900 CIOs in our communities shared their mission critical priorities in our annual survey – here’s what they reported. 

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

CIOs continue to place the utmost importance on cybersecurity strategies, which is their top priority for the second year in a row. They are also focused on data and analytics and digital business priorities again this year. Interestingly, the one focus area that dropped out of the top five was digital talent, replaced in 2023 by IT strategy, governance and operating models.


Goals & Challenges

For their top priority of cybersecurity strategies, CIOs cited the following goals they aim to achieve and challenges they are facing in 2023.




Allocating Resources

Despite the need to be careful stewards of the budget, 54% of CIOs report that their planned spending on technology and services increased this year. Another 26% say that it will remain the same as 2022.


Investing in Cybersecurity

CIOs’ most critical priority — cybersecurity strategies —  is also where they plan to allocate resources this year, with 55% of CIOs reporting they will invest in this area.


At Evanta, we survey our C-level communities annually to learn their top priorities, challenges and goals for the year ahead. This data enables us to highlight trends, develop session and discussion topics and match like-minded peers based on the real-time needs of C-level executives. Apply now to join your local CIO community, and connect with peers on these mission critical priorities.


Based on 900+ CIO responses from Evanta’s proprietary Leadership Perspective Survey, March 2023.


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