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Written by Liz Ramey

JANUARY 10, 2023

What a great year for the Evanta CIO community! In 2022, CIOs across the US provided their time and input to create meaningful gatherings and curated content. The three themes that guided agendas, Town Hall discussions and blogs were: Mastering the Art of Change and Adaptability, Accelerating High Growth and a Data-First Mindset, and Empowering Talent, Protecting the Enterprise.

Take a look at a roundup of our top rated content in 2022.

Highly Rated Presentations

Keynote: Leading Locally, Influencing Globally
In this Keynote session, Jennifer Hohman, Chief Information Officer & Vice President at Seadrill, illustrated how CIOs can influence change by applying common IT methodologies to solve global issues, leveraging knowledge and leadership to create solutions for the greater good, and shaping the way leaders overcome challenges using traditional IT approaches.

Keynote: Facing Adversity with Boston Strong Resilience
Boston Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet joined two CIO Summits this year, sharing her story of resilience after the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Adrianne shared how she has faced adversity with a renewed perspective, how she is finishing the race in every corporate and personal challenge, and how she learned to face challenges with a renewed mindset.

Keynote: Business Transformation in Market Redefinition
During this Keynote session, Mariane McPeak-Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Cox Automotive, discussed how tomorrow's CIO must understand the need to identify new optimized opportunities in an evolving market. She dove into how to capitalize on new business opportunities during market redefinition, create a strategic vision to drive growth, and balance optimization and transformation.

Breakout Session: Enterprise Cloud: Patterns of Success
In this breakout session, Jake Burns, Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services, shared what he’s learned in the past 3 years advising executives from over 500 of AWS’s largest customers, in addition to his first-hand experience planning, leading, and executing a successful all-in migration to AWS in his former role. Jake covered how to turn nay-sayers and doubters into allies, build momentum in your transformation through small wins that deliver big results, and create an environment that encourages calculated risk-taking and growth.

Breakout Session: Relationships and Resources — Building a Healthy Cybersecurity Strategy
During this panel, CIOs from public and private organizations of all sizes discussed the impact of increased cyberattacks. Panelists included Arthur Harvey, Senior Vice President and CIO at Boston Medical Center; Lee Cullivan, CISO at Boston Medical Center; Woody Groton, CIO at Draper; Lauren Zabierek, Executive Director, Cyber Project at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center; and William McDermott, Supervisor at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They shared how they lean into the people and resources around them to reinforce their own team and strategy.

Highly Rated Virtual Gatherings

Southern California Virtual Town Hall: Competing in the New World of Work
In this Virtual Town Hall, Keith Ferrazzi, #1 New York Times bestselling author and founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight, provided the blueprint for going forward and staying competitive in the future.

New York Virtual Town Hall: Inspiring Data Curiosity and Confidence
In this interactive Town Hall, CIOs discussed how data governance is often at odds with data curiosity, stifling an organization's ability to develop a data-driven culture. Discussion leaders included Lesley Ma, Chief Information and Data Officer at NSF International; Leo Rajapakse, Global Head of Platform Infrastructure & Advanced Technology, at Bimbo Bakeries USA; Andre Bromes, CIO at Salvation Army; Tom Kambouras, CIO at New York City Employees’ Retirement System; and Earl Newsome, CIO at Cummins. They broke down IT’s role in igniting a curiosity of data across your organization, the building blocks for architecting a data-first culture, and how to define an agile data governance program to adapt to enterprise priorities.

Most Popular Content

  • 2022 CIO Leadership Perspectives. This infographic highlighted what 700 CIOs reported were their most important priorities in our annual Leadership Perspectives Survey.
  • Top 3 Goals & Challenges for CIOs in 2022. In this survey report, we took a closer look at CIOs’ top priorities for the year, including the goals and challenges to making progress on those initiatives.
  • 3 Areas of Focus for C-Suite Leaders in 2022. After much business uncertainty on the back of a global pandemic, we shared the 3 areas C-level executives cited in our annual survey as their most important enterprise priorities for 2022.
  • 10 CIO Trends in 2022. This blog shared 10 trends in enterprise priorities and planned investments from CIOs across our communities.
  • The Next Big Question Podcast: What Role Does the C-Suite Have in Sustainability? In this podcast episode, Executive Director and Digital CIO Eddy Wagoner of JLL joined us to talk about how C-level leaders and organizations can address sustainability and other global concerns. Wagoner shared examples of ways to collaborate across the C-suite on global issues and discussed why focusing on sustainability is necessary to grow, attract talent and remain competitive. As Wagoner explained, businesses are constantly trying to become better and faster and improve how they operate – and it’s no different when it comes to sustainability initiatives.

In 2023, the Evanta CIO Community will continue to provide insights and drive content based on their mission critical priorities. Looking into the new year, CIOs will be focusing on the following three themes: 

  • Accelerating High Growth and Digitally-Driven Outcomes
  • Thriving through Volatility - Empowering People, Resiliency and Insights
  • Orchestrating Change - Influencing Culture and Creating Value

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