Evanta CHRO Leadership Perspectives

Insights from Evanta’s Proprietary Survey
March 2024

Each year, executives from the world’s leading organizations share their top priorities, challenges and planned spending in our proprietary Leadership Perspective Survey. Gathering data from thousands of members of our C-level communities enables us both to highlight trends and develop relevant content based on the real-time needs of members.

In 2024, CHROs from Evanta’s 18 communities are emerging as the architects of organizational design and change management. They remain focused on leadership development and talent recruitment and retention, ensuring their organizations are equipped to meet their goals. HR leaders are also joining the enterprise-wide conversations on AI and automation, tasked with creating efficiencies and increasing productivity along with their C-suite peers. 

More than 500 CHROs have shared their top priorities and planned spending areas in our survey – here’s what they are reporting. 

Operating Budgets Are Steady

Fifty-one percent of CHROs report that their operating budgets remained the same in 2024, and 19% said that their budget increased. Thirty percent of HR leaders said their budget decreased year over year. 

Planned Spending to Remain the Same

Similar to their operating budgets, most CHROs (50%) say that their planned spending on technology and services will remain the same in 2024. Thirty percent say that their spending will increase, and only 20% report that their planned spending will decrease this year.

CHROs Plan to Invest in Recruiting & AI

Thirty percent of CHROs plan to invest in recruiting vendors and solutions, and in a new development this year, 27% of HR executives say they will invest in AI Solutions. The next highest spending priorities for CHROs are Workforce Data & Talent Analytics (26%) and Learning Technology (25%). 

Change Management Moves Up in Importance

In 2024, CHROs report that their top functional priority is organizational design and change management, moving up to the top spot for the first time in three years. Leadership development – last year’s top priority – remains important, moving only to the number two spot. For the first time in three years, diversity, equity and inclusion is not in the top five priorities for CHROs.


Topics of Interest

In addition to their top priorities, CHROs shared what they most want to discuss with peers and solution providers at Evanta community events. These are HR leaders’ trending topics for 2024:

  • Evolving the HR Operating Model
  • Leading the Enterprise Through Change
  • CHRO Role Evolution
  • Innovating for the Future
  • Tying HR Strategy to Business Outcomes

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Based on 500+ CHRO responses from Evanta’s proprietary Leadership Perspective Survey, March 2024.


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