2022 CHRO Leadership Perspectives

CHRO Views on Top Priorities and Opportunities
February 2022

The pandemic has forever altered how we all work, and CHROs have been at the forefront of guiding the policies for this new reality. Add to that the Great Resignation or Great Reshuffling, and now the need to attract, retain and engage employees is a mission critical priority for the organization.

CHROs are also business leaders, which is reflected in their number one enterprise priority – driving growth. To do that, they have to help create a great culture and experience and balance the needs of the workforce with the needs of the business. 

More than 450 CHROs from leading companies around the world indicated their most important 2022 priorities across the business, as well as within their own functional areas. 

Goals for the Business

Driving growth is the number one priority for CHROs at the enterprise level. Employee satisfaction and engagement is second, followed by increasing operational efficiencies and productivity.


Focusing on Employee Experience

CHROs reported that their top functional priority for 2022 is employee experience and organizational culture, followed by recruitment, onboarding and retention strategies. Employee experience is new at the top spot for CHROs although it has been in the top five. Recruitment, onboarding and retention strategies has also moved up into the top areas of focus, possibly reflecting the realities of the Great Resignation.


Goals & Challenges

In CHRO responses thus far this year, employee experience and organizational culture took the top spot, and HR leaders shared their specific goals for employee experience initiatives and the challenges to achieving them.




Investing in Analytics

The focus on recruiting, retention and experience – along with the measurement of these critical priorities – is reflected in how CHROs plan to invest their resources this year.

At Evanta, we survey our C-level communities annually to learn their top priorities, along with the challenges they face and the goals they set for the enterprise. This data is invaluable, enabling us to highlight trends, develop discussion topics and match like-minded peers based on the real-time needs of CHROs. To join the conversation, find your CHRO community.


Based on 450+ CHRO responses from Evanta’s proprietary Leadership Perspective Survey, February 2022.


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