The CDO’s Perspective: Data Governance

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Written by Megan Woodruff

APRIL 21, 2022

As more CDOs share their perspectives with us through our annual Leadership Perspective Survey, we are examining each of their top three functional and investment priorities for 2022. Recently, we wrote about the 10 trends we observed in the survey from data and analytics leaders across our CDO communities. 

Their top priority across the enterprise remains driving growth, followed by accelerating digital business and improving customer experience. 

In the area of business function, data governance is the clear, number one priority for CDOs for the second year in a row. Data governance is also the most selected area of investment, with 62% of CDOs indicating that they will invest in governance products or services this year. 

During this series of blogs, we will share perspectives from data and analytics leaders in Evanta communities on each of their top three priorities for 2022. What are we hearing from CDOs on data governance? 

One CDO shared, “With differing levels of data maturity comes different approaches to data governance and driving a data culture within an organization. Data language and literacy levels land differently… how do you account for this and adjust governance structures accordingly?”

Another data leader observed that in a division of their organization, “We're very mature and have advanced capabilities, validations and reporting.” This CDO also said that they had work to do to advance the governance practices to other divisions, noting, “Governance and MDM are foundational platforms and table stakes that really ignite and accelerate other digital initiatives. You have to get them right.”

These are CDOs’ top goals for data governance: 


Another data and analytics leader shared, “How to execute a robust data governance framework is vital… It needs to be the right platform and accessible across the organization.” The same CDO noted that you first have to understand the quality of data in your organization and how data can be leveraged.

Here are CDOs’ top challenges with data governance:


Are CDOs searching for technology and services to help in their journey to better data governance? Data and analytics leaders in several communities indicated it was their first- or second-ranked area of investment in 2022.

Across all Evanta CDO communities, 82% of CDOs who plan to invest in data governance plan to do so in the next 12 months. And 57% of these data leaders also said their budget for technology and services increased this year. 

Here is a closer look at how data leaders are ranking their investments in data governance and the timelines for investing their resources.

The topic of data governance will be featured prominently on the agenda at these CDO Executive Summits this spring: 

New York CDO Executive Summit on May 25th.

Boston CDO Executive Summit on June 8th.

Dallas CDO Executive Summit on June 14th.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to discuss this topic with your C-level peers in data and analytics, you can view all upcoming summits across Evanta CDO communities here.

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