The CDAO’s Perspective: Data Sharing, Availability & Democratization

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Written by Megan Woodruff

MAY 24, 2022

Evanta’s annual Leadership Perspective Survey is continuing to garner thousands of responses from C-level executives to identify the most critical priorities and challenges for 2022. Across the enterprise, the top priorities are consistent with years past with a focus on driving growth, increasing operational efficiencies and productivity and digital business acceleration.

As we dive into responses from the CDAO community, a new category has emerged as a leading priority for 2022: data sharing, availability and democratization. This ranks third behind data governance and data-driven culture respectively, and it replaces improving data and analytics strategy and operating models from the 2021 survey.

Data sharing, availability and democratization is crucial to ensuring each individual within an organization has the access and training to make trustworthy data-driven decisions, and CDAOs from around the world are sharing the necessity to make this a focal point this year.

One data and analytics leader mentioned, “Data sharing is more powerful than data ethics. It’s important to use data in a trustworthy way. What can we do to prepare the ecosystem?”

Another CDAO shared, “It’s important to understand there is value from the data the organization has - we just need to understand how to look after it, and share it appropriately.”

Through the Leadership Perspective Survey, CDAOs indicated their top goals for data sharing, availability and democratization within their organizations.

Improving business outcomes and data-driven decisions are the primary objectives for data sharing, availability and democratization, but executives are pointing out challenges to implementation.

One CDAO expressed some of his concerns, “How do you establish a community of data users within an organization who are comfortable using datasets and tools? After 18 months of training data creators, how do you ensure their skillset and work are visible to other teams? How do you visualize the benefit the work the data team brings to the overall success of the organization?”

Despite these roadblocks, there are technologies and services available to help businesses embark on a successful journey. In fact, 40% of CDAOs surveyed revealed they are planning to add “data sharing and availability capabilities” into their budget, with 65% of them expediting this investment within the next twelve months.

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