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Written by Megan Woodruff

JANAUARY 3, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, all of Evanta’s 12 CDAO communities have now had the opportunity to get together following the global disruption that rocked the world nearly three years ago. For some data and analytics leaders, this was the first time they’ve met with their peers within an Evanta summit, and for others it was a highly anticipated reunion. But for all, summits were a chance to share, collaborate and learn. 

The new world of work has led to an acceleration in the digital landscape, bringing in more data than ever before. CDAOs are striving for agility, focusing this year on ways to increase output and efficiency with tools like data mesh and artificial intelligence. With recent inflation and a recession looming in 2023, CDAOs are strategizing on how to innovate and stay competitive with tighter budgets.

Highly-Rated Presentations

On agendas this fall, the most popular sessions featured organizations who have adopted a data-driven mindset. Here are just a few of the highest-rated sessions:

Session #1: Chevron is putting data first.
To achieve the full benefits of data, Chevron’s Chief Data Officer Ellen Nielsen says CDAOs must shift the mentality of the workforce towards data-driven decision making and problem solving. At Chevron, reliability and safety is in everyone’s DNA, allowing them to transform the business and create insights that focus on high-value opportunities. Nielsen discussed:

  • Changing Chevron’s operating model to accommodate high-value output
  • Driving business outcomes that support higher returns and lower carbon emissions
  • Creating a one-stop “data marketplace” that enables insight and innovation

Companies both large and small, are faced with similar challenges around data, like overcoming traditional ways of thinking and embracing new methods of data consumption. Here were a few things attendees shared about the session:

Love hearing that we all have the same challenges across the industry. Great insight that getting clear on process is a critical key step.”

Such a valuable talk!”

Outstanding presentation Ellen! Clear, articulate and easy to follow while a complex journey at Chevron.”

Session #2: JPMorgan Chase faces headwinds and tailwinds in becoming a data-driven organization.
Although its roots date back to the 1800s, JPMorgan Chase is innovating and scaling like a digital native. The organization has bought into a data-driven vision for the future that uses data and advanced analytics to grow the business, enhance delivery to customers and give back to the community. In this session, CDAO of Chase & JPMorgan Wealth Management, Mark Birkhead shared their journey around:

  • Delivering AI and ML solutions at scale for their customers and businesses  
  • Modernizing data and leveraging the power of the public cloud 
  • Executing the JPMC talent strategy in this highly competitive environment

Digital natives are thought by many to have the upper hand in 2022, but Birkhead’s presentation proves that even a company founded two centuries ago can be competitive with their data strategy. Here were a few things attendees shared about the session:

Excellent speaker. Way to end the day!”

Clearly explained their actions to become data-driven.”

He was very engaging!”

Session #3: The Home Depot illustrates what it takes to win with data.
Many organizations understand the immense growth potential from data but struggle to unlock its opportunity. Capturing lasting value from AI and data analytics requires a longer-term view of investment in data capabilities, a culture that demands customer-focused decisions and a data strategy that fosters continuous innovation. At The Home Depot, robust experiments have resulted in improved customer experiences and grown revenue significantly. In this session Mustafa Nisar, director of data science and analytics strategy for The Home Depot shared how they are:

  • Scaling the impact of data science and analytics using existing resources
  • Moving from operational to innovative solutions to ensure a successful digital transformation
  • Identifying and responding to evolving customer behaviors and expectations

While all organizations want to leverage data for decision-making and a competitive edge, the long-term goal is to monetize insights. Attendees found The Home Depot’s road map valuable. Here’s what they shared about the session:

Very inspiring presentation. Makes me think that there is hope for me.”

Simplified a very difficult conversation. Well done.”

Really enjoyed the strategic approach to showcase intrinsic value in the resources and approach alongside ROI. Valuable experience insights to strive towards.”

Most Popular Content

Beyond Evanta gatherings, CDAO community members have access to executive insights and peer-driven content that highlights fellow community members and mission critical priorities. Here is a look at what they were reading and listening to this year.

What’s in store for the new year?

As we close out the year, we want to thank all the data and analytics leaders who participated on our agendas this year. You enable and grow our mission to be “by CDAOs, for CDAOs.”

We are currently gathering new insights from data leaders to curate the content for our upcoming programs, and 2023 gatherings will be announced soon.  Join your local CDAO community and never miss an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers on mission critical topics!


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