6 Hot Topics at Upcoming CDAO Executive Summits

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Written by Megan Woodruff

OCTOBER 19, 2023

Executive Summits for our Chief Data and Analytics Officers are on the horizon, kicking off in November for our San Francisco, Atlanta and New York communities and in December for our Houston, Chicago and Toronto communities. CDAOs have been eager to meet and collaborate this year given the dynamic new world of generative AI.

The release of ChatGPT sparked a desire to enhance the day-to-day workflow and revise organizational data strategy. One community member who attended an Evanta summit earlier this year shared “[It’s] great to hear the different perspectives and concerns regarding the future use of AI.”

As more CDAOs develop their use cases for AI projects, they’ve told us they’re also focused on innovation, building trust in data, increasing data literacy and fluency and building a pipeline of diverse talent.

Here’s a preview of a few sessions on the agenda at our upcoming programs:

  1. Generative AI — Moving Beyond Hype and Hysteria at the Houston CDAO Executive Summit

Generative AI has captivated not only the AI and data science communities, but also the wider public. In this keynote session led by Kennesaw State University’s Center for Statistics and Analytic Research Director, Bill Franks, attendees will gain a better understanding of generative AI’s impact on our world and its practical applications.

Franks will discern real world potential and explore the strategic role of AI.

  1. Innovation at Northwestern – Crowdsourcing for the Future at the Chicago CDAO Executive Summit

To enhance public health, Northwestern University is working to streamline medical research and technological expertise. But a lack of resources to leverage momentum is posing a challenge. In this session, Northwestern’s Chief AI Officer, Yuan Luo explains how they’re working to change this.

Luo will share how Northwestern is empowering the scientific research community with AI, promoting AI literacy and enabling AI development for healthcare.

  1. Embracing Innovation Amid Digital Acceleration at the San Francisco CDAO Executive Summit

In today's digital age as the rate of change increases, data and analytics leaders are in a pivotal position to guide organizations. In this session, Gartner analyst Kevin Smith will share strategies to nurture the evolution of executive mindsets and accelerate the realization of growth and value within the realm of digital transformation.

Smith will discuss the psychological factors that limit a growth mindset, outline how to lead amid disruption and share actionable ideas to build change for tomorrow.

  1. Building Trust Within Modern Data Ecosystems at the Toronto CDAO Executive Summit

As data sharing and the use of data-driven tools becomes more commonplace, D&A leaders should not only focus on security but also building trust. In this session, the CDO of Canada’s Federal Treasury Board shares strategies on building and maintaining trust with citizens, clients and other key stakeholders.  

CDO Stephen Burt will discuss security and trust from the citizen perspective, outline standards and benchmarks to assess performance and share best practices for promoting transparency.

  1. Serving Up Success — Inspiring Data Fluency at the Atlanta CDAO Executive Summit

Success happens when leaders prioritize, adapt and evolve with the needs of the business. With the advancement of technological tools, comes the need for enhanced data literacy. D&A leaders from Kellogg, Inspire Brands and Focus Brands are coming together to walk through how they're serving up success.

In this session, they'll share the importance of setting an effective governance strategy, streamlining value creation and inspiring impactful cultural shifts.

  1. Championing Diverse Leaders Through Deliberate Sponsorship at the New York CDAO Executive Summit

The role of the CDAO, while continuing to evolve, is becoming more defined, and the road to the top looks different for everyone. In this session, titans in the industry want to challenge their peers to focus on diverse talent, and a panel of data practitioners and diversity advocates will explore ways to remove barriers for those hoping to break into leadership roles.

This interactive session will encourage the audience to identify hurdles tied to the promotion and hiring process, commit to allyship and promote opportunities for advancement.

These are just a few of the sessions you can expect at the upcoming Executive Summits. In addition to artificial intelligence and D&A strategy, we also plan to dive into data quality, data democratization and data governance. 

Come join your peers at a CDAO Executive Summit near you. If you are not already a member, apply to join your local CDAO community, and reserve your seat at one of our upcoming Executive Summits here.

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