UK & Ireland CIO Executive Summit

8 June 2022 | Royal Lancaster London

8 June 2022
Royal Lancaster London

Collaborate with your peers

Get together with UK & Ireland's top CIOs to tackle shared business challenges and critical priorities facing your role today. Participate in this one-day, local program with peer-driven topics and interactive discussions with your true C-level peers.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CIOs today:

Accelerate your digital agenda and create a strong, secure, digital capability

Fostering leadership development and team connection in a hybrid world

Enabling a data-driven culture across the organisation to fuel digital business

UK & Ireland CIO Governing Body

The Governing Body Co-Chairs shape the summit agenda, ensuring that all content is driven by CIOs, for CIOs.

Governing Body Co-Chairs

Debra Bailey

Royal Mail Group

Marina Bellini

Chief Information and Digital Officer, Director, Digital and Information

Claire Dickson

DS Smith

David Germain

Group CIO

Robbert van Rutten

SVP & Downstream CIO

What to Expect

Interactive Sessions

Hear from CIO practitioners and thought leaders on how they're solving critical challenges impacting your role today in Keynote sessions, and join smaller, interactive discussions with your peers in Breakout and Boardroom sessions.

Community Networking

Make new connections and catch up with old friends in casual conversations during dedicated time for networking designed to better acquaint you with your UK & Ireland CIO community.

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a private, one-on-one setting through Evanta's Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.


7 June 2022

18:00 - 21:00  Governing Body Welcome Reception

Governing Body Private Dinner

Exclusive to Governing Body members and select guests, this dinner is a can’t-miss opportunity to connect with your peers prior to tomorrow’s Executive Summit. Please join your colleagues for an evening of good food, wine, and lively networking.

08:00 - 09:00  Registration & Breakfast

09:00 - 09:45  Keynote

The CIO Relationship with The Board – The Secret to Accelerating Digital Business

Tony Battle headshot

Tony Battle

Group CIO

Jaguar Land Rover

François Dossa headshot

François Dossa

Executive Director, Strategy and Sustainability

Jaguar Land Rover

CIOs must focus on accelerating digital transformation, nurturing people and driving change to support their organisation’s growth strategy. A large part of driving digital business it to work closely with the Board to ensure alignment between IT and business initiatives. But what expectations does the business actually have when it comes to digital initiatives, and how can you strengthen this relationship to accelerate digital business in uncertain times? Join Anthony Battle, Group CIO, and François Dossa, Executive Director, Strategy and Sustainability, at Jaguar Land Rover as they share their thoughts and insights into:

  • How the relationship has changed between CIOs and the executive board, and what needs to change
  • Expectations of the wider business for IT, and how CIOs can be more effective business partners
  • Effective communication at the board when business landscapes are evolving faster than ever

09:45 - 10:00  Break

10:00 - 10:45  Breakout Session

Providing Business Value With IT in Unstable Times

Belinda Finch headshot

Belinda Finch



Daniel Healey headshot

Daniel Healey

Head of Transformation Programmes


Defining, measuring and communicating the business value of IT is challenging for many CIOs. Yet it’s never been more important to elevate the CIO's contribution to the organisation's overall transformation. It’s no longer enough to send summaries of operational metrics to business leaders in an attempt to demonstrate the value IT provides. CIOs must now ensure that the value story and metrics resonate with the business by evaluating technology investments in terms of risk, cost and value/revenue. Join Belinda Finch, CIO, Three as she shares ways in which IT leaders can provide business value when undergoing major transformation, as well as potential issues in that process CIOs should be aware of. Specifically, you will:

  • Understand how to lead an effective business-led IT department
  • Elevate your strategic contribution to your organisation's mission and enable cohesive change
  • Address the key challenges and issues in the process that CIOs should be aware of

10:00 - 10:45  Breakout Session

Building a Sustainable Future — How CIOs Can Drive Sustainable IT

Michael Wheeler-Wyatt headshot

Michael Wheeler-Wyatt

Director of Chrome Enterprise EMEA


The world faces formidable sustainability challenges, and technology can be a game-changer in driving real change. With the impact end-user computing has on climate change, as IT leaders we have the collective opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of the planet. CIOs play a critical role in leading this change through championing sustainable computing and technology choices. Join this session to understand how CIOs can contribute towards a carbon free future. Specifically, this session will cover:

  • Adopting a 360-degree view of sustainable IT across the lifecycle of computing devices
  • Leading digital sustainability in your organisation and empowering sustainable technology
  • Driving sustainable decision-making in IT through platform choices

10:00 - 10:45  Executive Boardroom

How CIOs Can Establish a Culture of Proactive, Continuous Optimisation

Jack Bischof headshot

Jack Bischof

Vice President of Strategic Services, EMEA


Graham McCauley headshot

Graham McCauley

Vice President Manufacturing Technology


Jenny Wood headshot

Jenny Wood

Chief Operating Officer, Services

NatWest Group

When the world changed, companies across all industries had to develop radically new business models, and go digital to survive and thrive. CIOs need to answer some big questions: Are our technology investments delivering business value? Which investment areas drive the greatest value, and where can we stop waste to fund innovation? How can we better align resources to business outcomes, and track value creation from projects or products? Join this boardroom to discuss:

  • How CIOs should address the fundamental shifts taking place in technology organisations and align with business objectives
  • Effectively adopting product-oriented agile methods and mindset, to support initiatives like cloud migration or Agile development
  • Tackling misinformed investments around Hybrid IT environments to reduce inefficiency and waste

10:00 - 10:45  Executive Boardroom

Eliminating Digital Blindspots – How CIOs can Enable Employees to Thrive in a Hybrid World

Ryan Purvis headshot

Ryan Purvis

Head of Solutions | Engineering

Lakeside Software

Doug Grantham headshot

Doug Grantham

CIO, Investec Private Bank (UK)


Samantha Liscio headshot

Samantha Liscio

Chief Information and Technology Officer


In today’s work-from-anywhere world, people depend on straightforward digital experiences to get work done. But if user challenges arise, it can be difficult for IT to understand what’s wrong and how to solve them, especially when users are outside the corporate network. In a hybrid world where onboarding can take place remotely, these challenges become more complex as IT leaders strive to further reduce digital blindspots and enhance productivity as quickly as possible. How can CIOs better understand what users are experiencing, the common problems being faced and how to prevent any negative impacts? Join this boardroom and discuss:

  • Reviewing the hybrid operating model – where are you and where do you need to get to
  • How a variety of external factors such as increased onboarding or pandemic related volatility are driving the need to become more operationally agile
  • Gaining more visibility across your IT estate and delivering great experiences to make the workforce more productive

10:00 - 10:45  Executive Boardroom

Becoming a CIO – A Headhunter's Perspective

Louisa Perry headshot

Louisa Perry

Head of Practice - Technology, Digital & Innovation at Savannah

Guest Speaker

In 2022, the success of the modern enterprise increasingly hinges upon all things digital. This heralds the continued evolution of the CIO role, whose scope has needed to develop to be a representative that can successfully spearhead the digital enterprise. As such, the skills and traits of the prospective CIO have also shifted dramatically – and continue to do so.

The question for any aspiring CIO, then, should be which attributes are currently sought after by an executive head-hunter? – and who better to ask than a head-hunter themselves.

Join this session to gain insight from Louisa Perry, Head of Practice - Technology, Digital & Innovation at Savannah on:

  • Which qualities are currently in demand from organisations recruiting CIOs?
  • What are the key trends head-hunters look out for while assessing candidates, and how do the criteria change in accordance with wider developments in the sector?
  • How should you adapt your approach to meet the ever-shifting requirements of a CIO?

This session is only available to our Next-Generation CIO Programme attendees. To register for this session, please contact Lucy Guille ( or +447701308981). 

10:45 - 11:30  Networking Break

10:55 - 11:20  Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a one-on-one setting through Evanta’s Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.

11:30 - 12:15  Breakout Session

Digital Transformation Delivered – Embracing Digital in the Business DNA

Rajiv Peter headshot

Rajiv Peter

Group CIO

Notting Hill Genesis

Being in complete control of technology and design is critical for an organisation to accelerate digital business. The advantages are great, not least of all being able to offer a more streamlined total experience for colleagues and customers. But how do you go about digitising a typically ‘non digital’ sector. Join Rajiv Peter, Director of Digital Technology, Notting Hill Genesis, as he shares his journey leading the digital and technology transformation at the housing association. Specifically, Rajiv will cover:

  • Enabling IT and technology to provide business value through cost efficiencies
  • Getting the right people in the right roles to enable transformation
  • How IT Leaders should leverage emerging technologies to create a thriving digital transformation

11:30 - 12:15  Breakout Session

Enterprise Cloud: Patterns of Success

Phil Le-Brun headshot

Phil Le-Brun

Enterprise Strategist

Amazon Web Services

What do enterprises who’ve adopted cloud successfully have in common? In this session, Phil Le-Brun, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, will share what he’s learned advising executives of AWS’s largest customers, in addition to his first-hand experience planning, leading, and executing successful IT initiatives in his former role as VP of Global Technology Development at McDonald’s. We’ll take a look at strategies based on real-world experience for how to motivate and re-skill existing employees, do more with less, and organise teams to be as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

In this session, we’ll cover how to:

  • Turn nay-sayers and doubters into allies
  • Build momentum in your transformation through small wins that deliver big results
  • Creating an environment that encourages calculated risk-taking and growth

11:30 - 12:15  Executive Boardroom

How CIOs Should Rethink Their Application Strategies for What’s Possible With Low-Code

Steven Teasdale headshot

Steven Teasdale

Area Vice President UK&I and Middle East


Yanna Winter headshot

Yanna Winter

CIO, Head of Generali UK IT and GC&C IT

Generali UK

At its foundation, low-code is a powerful way to rapidly deliver applications. But CIOs have an enormous opportunity to use low-code in more strategic ways. It’s important for organisations to have a sense of what these strategic opportunities are so they can use low-code to deliver on their most ambitious goals. This boardroom will discuss how CIOs can:

  • Solve targeted problems by delivering and deploying new applications in as little as a few weeks
  • Enable business units to iterate and deploy applications more often, allowing for more impactful end products delivered in a secure way
  • Improve operational efficiency and drive innovation by eliminating the barriers that legacy systems present

11:30 - 12:15  Executive Boardroom

The Changing Face of the Digital CIO

Clare Hickie headshot

Clare Hickie



Nina Tatsiy headshot

Nina Tatsiy



Chris Wanley headshot

Chris Wanley


Manchester City Council

The focus of the CIO role is now on broader strategic projects and aligning an organisations IT infrastructure with its business goals. Liberated of some “lights on” concerns, today’s CIOs can directly influence product and service development by interacting with internal business partners and customers to better understand their needs. Some IT Leaders have the full backing of the board, and some are still leveraging newly found influence to find their seat at the table. But what are the key skill sets CIOs need to foster to ensure success and adapt at a time where business needs are quickly changing. Join this boardroom to discuss:

  • The need for CIOs to shift their mindset to focus on driving true business change and the vital role culture plays in this shift
  • The importance for CIOs to forge stronger relationships across the business
  •  Practical steps CIOs can take to make digital journeys take hold, with a focus on harnessing data effectively, and gaining buy-in from other business leaders

11:30 - 12:15  Executive Boardroom

How do Aspiring CIOs Want to Evolve the CIO Role?

Stijn de Bekker headshot

Stijn de Bekker

Head of DBS Marketing


Rhian Letts headshot

Rhian Letts

Office of the CIO


To create flexibility and stability for future leadership needs, CIOs should be identifying and nurturing potential successors for IT Leadership. But how are aspiring CIOs themselves thinking about the evolution of the IT organisation? What skills do they think will help futureproof digital business, and what can you learn from them?

The next generation of CIOs are looking ahead to innovate the solutions to future obstacles. As such, it is crucial to consider what these novel approaches are and how to successfully cultivate them, closing the gap between the CIOs of today and those of tomorrow. Join this session to learn:

  • What do aspiring CIOs consider to be the next step in the IT industry’s evolution?
  • How can today’s CIOs can effectively support the next generation, avoiding entrenchment?
  • What are the key culture shifts the next generation of CIOs will spearhead?

12:15 - 12:25  Break

12:15 - 13:30  Lunch Service

12:25 - 12:50  Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a one-on-one setting through Evanta’s Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.

12:50 - 13:30  Break

13:30 - 14:05  Keynote

Securing Digital Business Transformation – What CIOs Need to Know and How to Prepare

Christoph Heidler headshot

Christoph Heidler

VP, Global Transformation Strategy & CIO EMEA


Sandip Patel headshot

Sandip Patel

Chief Security Officer

APM Group

Digital transformation is a powerful business enabler that is compelling business leaders to fundamentally change their technology ecosystems. However, such a transformation significantly impacts security, network traffic flows, applications, user experience, and cost, which is why it is top-of-mind in C-suites and the boardroom. Digital business transformation is no longer a question of if, but WHEN. This Keynote will outline how CIOs can better engage the wider organisations, and what their focus should be when communicating the value of secure digital business. Specifically, you will hear:

  • Effectively bringing digital and transformation together in times on uncertainty
  • Security strategies for a cloud-first enterprise and communicating its value to the business
  • How to use their digital transformation to drive sustained competitive advantage

14:05 - 14:20  Break

14:20 - 15:05  Breakout Session

How 8 Companies Use AI to Deliver the Best Employee Experience

Bhavin Shah headshot

Bhavin Shah

CEO & Founder


In the UK, the rate of employees who expect to change jobs in the next 6 months has doubled. To keep your top talent, you need to eliminate distractions from their digital experience, no matter where in the world they’re working. That’s why industry leaders are now using conversational AI to provide employees with immediate support and urgent updates — at a scale not possible for people alone.

Join this session to learn how conversational AI:

  • Let LinkedIn onboard 1,000+ new hires by automatically resolving their requests
  • Saved Palo Alto Networks 180,000 hours of productivity for its flexible workforce
  • Enabled Hearst to bring together 360 subsidiaries with a single hub for support

14:20 - 15:05  Breakout Session

How Organisations Can Support Employee Wellbeing Through Technology

Ceri Stokoe headshot

Ceri Stokoe

CIO European Operations


Alice Hendy headshot

Alice Hendy

Cyber Safety Specialist


IT Leaders have a role to play in understanding and addressing the mental health and wellbeing of employees across the organisation. For CIOs, this means look at technology to assist how employees are actually coping and feeling in their workplace. Join Ceri Stokoe as she shares how QBE Insurance are addressing the challenges associated with mental health in the workforce, together with wider employee engagement initiatives. Ceri will then introduce QBE employee Alice Hendy, who after experiencing a tragic event, has developed and deployed a crisis intervention tool across QBE to assist those struggling with their mental health or carrying out harmful online searches relating to self-harm or suicide.

Specifically, you will hear:

  • QBE's focus on employee mental health and well-being initiatives through IT
  • How and why Alice Hendy, a QBE cyber expert, developed a cyber suicide prevention tool to help support members of the workforce
  • Advice to IT Leaders looking to enhance the wellbeing and experience of employees through technology and IT

14:20 - 15:05  Executive Boardroom

Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger – Winning the War of Talent

Will Gerrish headshot

Will Gerrish

Principle Technology Strategist

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Dave Martin headshot

Dave Martin


Anglian Water Services

Sil Sehra headshot

Sil Sehra


British Sugar

In fast changing business environments, you need to move fast, be more resilient and become a magnet for top talent. For CIOs, it’s more important than ever to understand your digital capabilities and use them to create a winning culture. But what else can CIOs do, apart from higher salaries, to attract top talent into their organisation? Join this boardroom to discuss:

  • Rethinking technology and talent in a remote work world
  • Providing workspaces that help attract and retain top talent
  • Collaborative strategies to drive meaningful ways of working

14:20 - 15:05  Executive Boardroom

Enterprise Security and Digital Risk – How CIOs can Prepare for Evolving Threat Landscapes

Michael Wheeler-Wyatt headshot

Michael Wheeler-Wyatt

Director of Chrome Enterprise EMEA


Adam Forde headshot

Adam Forde

Group CIO


Kerry McCormack headshot

Kerry McCormack

Global Head of IT

First Sentier Investors

As digital business continues to accelerate and cloud work continues to grow, many enterprise assets live outside the old “walls'' of the organisation. The role of the browser is changing rapidly. It’s now a critical endpoint; a strategic productivity and security layer in the enterprise tech stack. CIOs must now ensure they have enterprise-grade security, speed and stability to empower the workforce and mitigate the risk of harmful web-based threats. Join this interactive boardroom to discuss:

  • How business transformation is forcing CIOs to think differently about architecting their environment
  • How changing employee behaviors and the rise in flexible working is driving the need for new technology
  • Reconceptualising traditional ideas of how to approach security within the enterprise

14:20 - 15:05  Executive Boardroom

What They Don’t Tell you About the CIO Role

Marina Bellini headshot

Marina Bellini

Chief Information and Digital Officer, Director, Digital and Information


Craig Charlton headshot

Craig Charlton

Group CIO

Compass Group

In recent years, we have observed the evolving nature and influence of the CIO role – from a service provider to a business enabler driving the next generation of the digital enterprise. Alongside this evolution, questions about how the CIO can best utilise their newfound influence have become all the more pertinent.

But what about those aspects of the role we don’t typically consider? Discussions around commitment, challenges and work-life balance scarcely reach the spotlight. Nevertheless, it is crucial for aspiring CIOs to remain cognisant of the underlying realities behind a role of this magnitude.

Join this discussion to hear key takeaways on:

  • The level of commitment expected of a CIO and how this might differ across organisations of varying sizes and sectors
  • How to understand and overcome hurdles and blockers while transitioning into the CIO role
  • How to sustain a healthy work-life balance

This session is only available to our Next-Generation CIO Programme attendees. To register for this session, please contact Lucy Guille ( or +447701308981). 

15:05 - 15:35  Networking Break

15:35 - 16:20  Breakout Session

The CIO's Readiness for Ransomware Attack – How Prepared is Your Organisation

John Maynard headshot

John Maynard



David Calder headshot

David Calder

Chief Product Officer


Scott Connarty headshot

Scott Connarty

General Counsel


Scott Mcelney headshot

Scott Mcelney

Global CISO


Ransomware is pervasive, indiscriminate and causing enormous concern for CIOs across all enterprises. From first detection through to threat containment and recovery, a ransomware attack can be an incredibly stressful time for all those involved. A recent Adarma survey of 500 UK organisations stated 96% of respondents felt confident of preventing an attack, compared to 58% who have already suffered an attack. How prepared is your organisation really when it comes to deterring or preventing a ransomware attack? How can IT Leaders ensure they have a plan in place upfront from first detection through to threat containment and recovery? Join this panel to hear:

  • Firsthand experiences of being ‘on the ground’ during a major ransomware attack
  • The importance of having a well-rehearsed plan in place
  • The role leadership can play in galvanising teams during an attack

15:35 - 16:20  Breakout Session

TechAtBoots – How to Build an Ecosystem of Technologists in Your Organisation

Rich Corbridge headshot

Rich Corbridge



Digital business can make organisations more innovative, profitable and agile. But with large ecosystems of employees, together with both physical and digital channels, how can you engage your entire workforce in the future of technology, and capture the future needs of the business? Join Rich Corbridge as she shares details of his ‘Store Centric’ IT strategy, how Boots capture the needs of retail stores in 2022 and ensure the direction for IT is set by the reality of what customers and colleagues need. Specifically, Rich will share:

  • How Boots developed a ‘store centric’ IT strategy to identify legacy systems, capture ideas for innovation and accelerate digital business
  • Why such initiatives are fundamental in identifying the specific needs of customers and colleagues
  • How CIOs can drive similar initiatives in their organisations to accelerate digital business

15:35 - 16:20  Executive Boardroom

Building a Cloud Team – Developing World-Class Talent That Produces Results

Phil Le-Brun headshot

Phil Le-Brun

Enterprise Strategist

Amazon Web Services

Charlie Ewen headshot

Charlie Ewen

Director of Technology & CIO

Met Office

Andrew Quail headshot

Andrew Quail

Director of IT and Innovation


Successful cloud transformations require highly skilled people, but cloud skills are in high demand and the market for these skills is competitive. What strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent are working, and how do CIOs motivate and re-skill existing employees so they can be as successful as possible, as quickly as possible?

Join AWS Enterprise Strategist, Phil Le-Brun to learn how to:

  • Turn nay-sayers and doubters into allies
  • Quickly up-skill existing employees with what they need to succeed
  • Build momentum in your transformation through small wins that deliver big results

15:35 - 16:20  Executive Boardroom

Enterprise Intelligence by Prioritising Data — Ensuring Accuracy, Accessibility and Consumption

Judith van de Pas headshot

Judith van de Pas

COO, Chief Data & Analytics Office

Royal Dutch Shell

John Hobson headshot

John Hobson


Kellogg Europe

Ashish Sharma headshot

Ashish Sharma

General Manager & Business Head - Analytics & AI Europe


The key to any data driven organisation is to have useful Intelligence at the right time. This might be hiding in the data you already have. Auditing your current resources could help you identify useful insights and use them to sharpen your organisation’s competitive edge. Join your peers to discuss:

  • How CIOs should invest in modern data tools and determine what data is valuable vs. unnecessary
  • Defining an Intelligence journey and leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock the value of data
  • Creating buy in and driving data literacy across an Intelligent Enterprise

16:20 - 16:35  Break

16:35 - 17:10  Keynote

The Changing Role of IT – From Business Enablement to Transformation

Robbert van Rutten headshot

Robbert van Rutten

SVP & Downstream CIO


The energy industry is going through a double transformation. One is decarbonisation, in line with society's progress towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the other is digital transformation as an important lever to get there. We now know that the energy system will need to change substantially in the coming decades. Together with our customers, we are finding our paths to a net-zero emissions future. Join Robbert Van Rutten as he shares his thoughts into:

  • What role can digital technology and AI can play? 
  • How do we get there faster, together with our customers and our partners? 
  • How does the role of the CIO change to lead through this transformation?

17:10 - 17:40  Closing Reception & Prize Drawing

7 June 2022

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming in-person gathering


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