Benelux CIO Virtual Boardroom

9 December 2020 | 14:00 CET

9 December 2020 | 14:00 CET


Is OT a Manageable Risk?

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Discussion Leaders

Governing Body members for the Benelux CIO community will lead the private virtual discussion.


9 December 2020

13:00 - 14:00 CET

Is OT a Manageable Risk?

OT/IT convergence significantly increases efficiency by putting the virtue of connectivity at the service of industrial and operational optimization. However, the increase of the attack surface resulting from this convergence also increases the cyber risk and hackers are taking advantage of these new vulnerabilities. IT and Security leaders in charge of securing this expanded infrastructure need a new breed of solutions to address this issue.

Join this virtual boardroom to discuss:

  • Best practices to cultivate the relationship between IT, security and OT to drive execution
  • How to align IT and OT security, manage OT security costs and new vulnerabilities
  • The inherent hurdles innovative projects create, such as change management


CIO and CISO Thought Leader

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