Atlanta CHRO Executive Summit

December 7, 2021 | JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead

December 7, 2021
JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead

Collaborate with your peers

Get together with Atlanta's top CHROs to tackle shared business challenges and critical priorities facing your role today. Participate in this one-day, local program with peer-driven topics and interactive discussions with your true C-level peers.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CHROs today:

Dealing with Delta — A Strategic Look at the Impact at Work

Promoting Agility — Redesigning L&D for 2021

Creating a Culture of Belonging

Atlanta CHRO Governing Body

The Governing Body Co-Chairs shape the summit agenda, ensuring that all content is driven by CHROs, for CHROs.

Governing Body Co-Chairs

Jed Milstein

Asbury Automotive Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

Meg Newman

EVP and Chief People Officer

Jill Wilson

SVP, Human Resources & Talent Development

What to Expect

Interactive Sessions

Hear from CHRO practitioners and thought leaders on how they're solving critical challenges impacting your role today in Keynote sessions, and join smaller, interactive discussions with your peers in Breakout and Boardroom sessions.

Community Networking

Make new connections and catch up with old friends in casual conversations during dedicated time for networking designed to better acquaint you with your Atlanta CHRO community.

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a private, one-on-one setting through Evanta's Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.


December 6, 2021

December 7, 2021

6:00pm - 8:30pm  Governing Body Welcome Reception

Governing Body Private Dinner

Exclusive to Governing Body members and select guests, this dinner is a can’t-miss opportunity to connect with your peers prior to tomorrow’s Executive Summit. Please join your colleagues for an evening of good food, wine, and lively networking.

7:30am - 8:15am  Registration & Breakfast

8:15am - 9:00am  Keynote

Jumpstarting DE&I in Your Workforce

Keith Wyche headshot

Keith Wyche

Vice President, Community Engagement and Support


In the wake of major social and political change over the past decade, employers large and small alike have taken steps to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yet despite growing pressure and awareness, progress is slow and most corporate DE&I initiatives are not yet achieving the desired results. With so many steps forward, how come representation still is not where it needs to be at senior levels for almost every diverse group?

Join this session to learn more as Keith Wyche:

  • Provides real, actionable steps for those who are serious about DE&I, and looking for solutions to improve the experience of Black and other underrepresented groups, colleagues and leaders within the organization
  • Shares a collection of best practices backed by research and strategies
  • Provides a roadmap for leaders to create breakthrough change that explores meaningful topics

9:00am - 9:15am  Break

9:15am - 10:00am  Breakout Session

Refining Equitable Practices, Starting With Pay Equity

Katie Bardaro headshot

Katie Bardaro

Vice President of Analytics & Advice

Syndio Solutions

At the heart of diversity, equity and inclusion, the end goal of HR leaders is workplace equity. Society has increased pressure for companies to be accountable to the workforce, the board and to the public in general. How can leaders tactfully ensure parity across the workplace in all facets using practices such as pay equity, recruitment, transparency, and metric measurements?

Join this session to learn about:

  • Identifying gaps by analyzing pay and recruitment across gender, race and ethnicity
  • Systematically resolving issues through proactive intervention
  • Effectively communicating policies internally and publicly

9:15am - 10:00am  Breakout Session

Rebuilding the Workforce

Vicki Cansler headshot

Vicki Cansler


Piedmont Healthcare

Anna Simelane headshot

Anna Simelane

ED Talent Development, Employee Relations & Health

Piedmont Healthcare

Organizations’ ability to survive, adapt and grow in this environment hinge on recruiting and retaining high-quality talent. Recently this has become evermore challenging as many organizations must balance the implications of The Great Resignation with Retention and an Engaging Employee Value Proposition. 

In this session, Piedmont HR leaders will discuss:

  • Current state, impact of the Great Resignation on Healthcare
  • Attracting high-quality external talent with a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, employment models and work preferences
  • Retaining and strengthening culture to drive loyalty and retention

9:15am - 10:00am  Executive Boardroom

Anatomy of the Great Resignation — Using Data to Change People Outcomes

Caitlin Bigsby headshot

Caitlin Bigsby

Sr Director, Product Marketing


Virginia Means headshot

Virginia Means

Chief People Officer

United Distributors

Ross Ott headshot

Ross Ott


SCP Health

As a talent leader, you can’t be in the middle of every decision, yet you are certainly accountable for the sum of the outcomes. People Analytics and data are helping CHROs connect the individual hiring and retention decision with a more cohesive strategy. Some organizations use the sharing of people data outside HR to move the needle on retention, DEI, cost and much more. The best practices are still emerging, and CHROs are becoming more like CFOs when it comes to data.

Join this boardroom as HR leaders discuss ways to:

  • Keep people decisions aligned to strategy (and make sure they are fact based)
  • Discover the business outcomes that other CHROs are impacting
  • Learn how others are effectively sharing people data outside of HR

10:00am - 10:30am  Networking Break

10:30am - 11:15am  Breakout Session

Transformation With Purpose — Data-Led Reorganization and the “What-If” Mindset

Rupert Morrison headshot

Rupert Morrison

Founder & Deputy Chair


Today’s organizations have had to adapt to a wide range of market challenges. The transformations CHROs tend to talk about most are the big, strategic initiatives. These include everything from mergers and acquisitions to new, often digital, business models. But more often than not, businesses need to transform on many levels, continuously, and especially with an operational focus on driving ever greater efficiencies. While transformation comes in ever-increasing waves of stop/start lurches from one "new normal" to the next, this interactive session with Orgvue’s CEO, Rupert Morrison will answer questions including:

  • What is HR’s role in transformation and organizational design – and how can they have a bigger role in the business?
  • How can HR leaders evolve their approach to transformation and organizational design?
  • What does data and technology bring to the table in delivering more effective change?

10:30am - 11:15am  Breakout Session

Supporting Enterprise Transformation Amid Disruption

Reginald Mebane headshot

Reginald Mebane

Senior Executive Service(SES) Director Office of Equal Employment Opportunity(OEEO)

Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As organizations adapt to remain competitive amidst rapid change, CHROs play a pivotal role in organization redesign and change management. As the rate of change accelerates into 2021, business transformation objectives must maintain an effective strategy around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) to mitigate change fatigue and maximize organizational effectiveness.

Join this session as HR leaders discuss:

  • Methods to engage all levels of the organization in driving change
  • The role HR should play in organization redesign
  • How organizational design strategy should evolve for the new ways of working

10:30am - 11:15am  Executive Boardroom

Combatting Workforce Burnout

Susan Wyatt headshot

Susan Wyatt

Head of Customer Success

Lyra Health

Vishal Bhalla headshot

Vishal Bhalla

Market Chief Human Resources Officer

Atrium Health

Julie Barr headshot

Julie Barr


Rack Room Shoes

Employee burnout continues to rise to unprecedented levels. Over the last year it has contributed to the exodus of a talented workforce, reduced profitability and declining employee engagement. At best, workers are feeling undervalued and overwhelmed by their workloads and an ever-changing work environment; at worst, burnout is bleeding into customer experience and the personal lives of employees.

Join this session to discuss how to:

  • Identify signs of burnout and help your team become first-responders
  • Understand costs of burnout including retention, engagement, belonging, presenteeism and profitability
  • Prepare a protection strategy to tackle workforce burnout

11:15am - 11:25am  Break

11:25am - 12:40pm  Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a one-on-one setting through Evanta’s Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.

11:45am - 1:15pm  Lunch Service

12:40pm - 1:00pm  Break

1:00pm - 1:35pm  Keynote

Mind Shift Now to Survive & Thrive

Vishal Bhalla headshot

Vishal Bhalla

Market Chief Human Resources Officer

Atrium Health

With a constantly shifting landscape, organizations and their employees are navigating the tides of change. However, our people, systems and processes are still operating on the paradigms of the “old world”. Managing new workflows along with a workforce requires leaders to be nimble, adapting to challenges while continuing to build business.

Join this session as Vishal Bhalla shares tactical approaches that have made an impact including:

  • Change management strategy in a constantly shifting environment
  • Brining a fresh perspective for a consumer centric design
  • Methods of strategy to operations

1:35pm - 1:50pm  Break

1:50pm - 2:35pm  Breakout Session

The Great Resignation — A Little Less Talk, A Lot More Action

Cara Capretta headshot

Cara Capretta

Vice President - Human Capital Management Transformation Practice


Headlines continue to flood the media about the Great Resignation and how companies around the world are struggling with turnover, high volume staffing, an exhausted workforce, burnout, dips in customer satisfaction, increases in employee investigations, organizational chaos and an HR function in the middle of it all.

Join this discussion to:

  • Sift through the latest research on root causes of the Great Resignation
  • Prioritize organizational remedies
  • Communicate empathetic and supportive workforce messages
  • Leverage technology enablers

1:50pm - 2:35pm  Breakout Session

Rallying the Workforce Around a People's Brand

Karen Brandenburg Viera headshot

Karen Brandenburg Viera

SVP, Human Resources & Internal Communications

Church's Chicken

When an international restaurant decided to redesign its concepts, the head of HR Karen Viera took this as an opportunity to commit to the biggest people initiative Church’s Chicken has conquered yet — the inception of an all-inclusive people’s brand. Through this journey, Karen found the heartbeat of the organization and bonded all layers of the workforce together in a shared vision.

Join this session to learn how Karen:

  • Gained leadership buy in for new initiatives and funding
  • United the workforce through shared goals, vision and purpose
  • Increased customer satisfaction while decreasing turnover 

1:50pm - 2:35pm  Executive Boardroom

Recruiting and Retention for the New World of Work

Craig Haydamack headshot

Craig Haydamack


Milliken & Company

Alanna Mahone headshot

Alanna Mahone

VP, Human Resources

LeasePlan USA

Heather Collins headshot

Heather Collins

Executive Vice President of People and IT

EMJ Corporation

As a result of a highly virtual pivot in 2020, the HR function is now looking at recruitment, onboarding and retention through a new lens. Talent pools are growing but the onboarding process has become more challenging, especially for those hired within the last 12 months.

Join this session as HR leaders discuss:

  • Strategies to expand talent pools and new methods of talent acquisition
  • Reimagining the onboarding process to accommodate virtual, hybrid and distributed workforces
  • Best practices in retention and strengthening culture in largely decentralized businesses

2:35pm - 3:05pm  Networking Break

3:05pm - 3:50pm  Breakout Session

Inform, Influence, and Improve: Utilizing People Analytics for Better Decisions

Jack Berkowitz headshot

Jack Berkowitz

Chief Data Officer


Today’s workforce is changing rapidly, and the HR function has stepped into a critical role to help keep their companies moving forward in these challenging times. CHRO’s are asked to help attract top talent, reduce employee attrition, and create programs to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. To lead effectively, CHRO’s must have access to people data and the ability to see how metrics compare to other organizations. But too often, that data is trapped in siloed systems, making it difficult to see the true picture, and next to impossible to gauge how you stack up to your peer companies.

In this session, you’ll learn how people analytics can help you:

  • Understand the current state of your workforce and provide insight to areas of improvement with access to your people data
  • Use data to drive strategies to attract top talent and to help make sure your organization does not lose top performers to the competition
  • Explore ways to turn data into insights delivered directly to the people that need them

3:05pm - 3:50pm  Breakout Session

The Year of Development

Stephanie Matt headshot

Stephanie Matt

Human Resources Project Manager


Leslie Riggs headshot

Leslie Riggs



As the world of work evolves, CHROs have recognized the need to grow and retain associates through simple, organic, and creative development offerings. In order to tackle these new ways of working, businesses can empower employees to own their professional and personal development through redesigned learning experiences in a culture that prioritizes belonging, ongoing feedback, and meaningful experiences all with a focus on well-being.

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Create a L&D strategy for a new world of work that is streamlined, accessible and threaded through the culture
  • Foster a sense of belonging through development experiences
  • Leverage technology and simplify processes to support greater transparency and employee buy-in 

3:05pm - 3:50pm  Executive Boardroom

The Diversity Double Down — Analysis and Culture

Camye Mackey headshot

Camye Mackey

Chief People Officer

Atlanta Hawks

Jill Wilson headshot

Jill Wilson

SVP, Human Resources & Talent Development


Elizabeth Patrick headshot

Elizabeth Patrick

SVP Chief People Officer

Diebold Nixdorf

Driven by social responsibility, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging efforts have soared. As a result HR leaders must double down on progress to ensure company culture is aligned with goals ensuring all employees feel welcome, as well as carefully analyzing factors such as the market, equitable compensation and more.

Join this session as HR leaders discuss:

  • Strategies to enable a cohesive and empowered workforce
  • Forward thinking methods to increase diversity in the workplace
  • Creating a culture blueprint for tracking metrics

3:50pm - 4:05pm  Break

4:05pm - 4:40pm  Keynote

Truth and Transformation — Saving Democracy

Jill Savitt headshot

Jill Savitt

President and CEO

National Center for Civil & Human Rights

Sixty years after the American Civil Rights Movement, our country still faces urgent civil and human rights challenges. This moment in American life stems from a much longer history, at times a painful one, that has not always been confronted honestly. When explored accurately and empathetically, however, difficult history can inspire us to address persistent inequities that exist in our lives today and can inform our shared understanding about creating a more equitable society moving forward.

Join this session as Jill Savitt explores:

  • The past as prelude to today
  • How exploring the past contributes to a healthy democracy
  • How workplaces contribute to creating a more equitable future

4:40pm - 5:10pm  Closing Reception & Prize Drawing

December 6, 2021

December 7, 2021

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming in-person gathering


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