Boston CDO Virtual Executive Summit

December 16, 2020 | 8:00am - 1:15pm EST

December 16, 2020 | 8:00am - 1:15pm EST

Collaborate with your peers

Come together with your peers virtually to tackle top business challenges through peer-driven content and discussions at the Boston CDO Virtual Executive Summit.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CDOs today:

Adopting D&A strategies and operating models that deliver business value in volatile environments

Generating measurable economic benefits to the business from data assets and advanced analytics

Data governance, stewardship and quality as drivers of insight and action


Mano Mannoochahr

The Travelers Companies Inc
SVP, Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Michael McHugh

Head of Data Engineering & Analytics

Sears Merritt

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co
Head of Data, Strategy & Architecture

John Pyhtila, Ph.D

Partners Healthcare System Inc
Chief Data & Analytics Officer


December 16, 2020

8:00am - 8:45am  EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Evolving Governance in an AI and Data Ops World

Joe DosSantos headshot

Joe DosSantos

Chief Data Officer


Michelle Hoiseth headshot

Michelle Hoiseth

Chief Data Officer, Corporate VP


Traditional data governance is aimed at protecting the integrity of key business data, focusing on data quality and lineage. But in the age of modern analytics, there is a renewed emphasis around increasingly raw data, creating the overwhelming task of managing and protecting hundreds if not thousands of data sources. Join Joe DosSantos, CDO of Qlik, as he outlines how modern data discovery and catalog techniques can advance data governance and how these techniques can accelerate the production of high value predictive models at speed in a Data Ops methodology.

8:45am - 9:00am  EST Break

9:00am - 10:00am  EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Navigating the Complexities of Digital Transformation

Susan Wilson headshot

Susan Wilson

VP Data Governance Segment Leader


Stephen Gatchell headshot

Stephen Gatchell

Head of Governance

Bose Corp

Genevy Dimitrion headshot

Genevy Dimitrion

Vice President


Today’s leaders are challenged to re-envision business models, embrace new ways of engaging customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products and services. Hear how your peers are employing new technologies that fuel data driven solutions to these challenges within their organizations.

In this session, explore strategies for:

  • Building a confident employee community that uses data to fuel innovation and critical decision making
  • Balancing broad access and use of data with governance, compliance and ethical use
  • Utilizing best in class technologies to improve scalability and productivity of data management activities

9:00am - 10:00am  EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Augmented Analytics for Improved Customer Experiences

Brahma Tangella headshot

Brahma Tangella

Head of Analytics & Insights - US Patient Services


Amit Rai headshot

Amit Rai

Head of Enterprise Product and Sales


Subhasis Bhattacharya headshot

Subhasis Bhattacharya

Head of Analytics - Logistics


2020 has turned predictive models on their heads. Machine learning and AI tools are more important than ever, as they are increasingly embedded in customer analytics and digital experience platforms. Learn from your peers about how they are using new technologies to improve these customer experiences in the new era.

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Use cases for augmented analytics
  • Benefits from these technologies and how to measure their success
  • Personalization and privacy issues to avoid along your AI/ML journey

10:00am - 10:45am  EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Driving Digital Transformation Faster with X Analytics

Justin Borgman headshot

Justin Borgman


Starburst Data

Ivan Black headshot

Ivan Black

Director - Big Data Platforms


Leaders need faster access to new data to better understand their evolving business and accelerate digital transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic has made historical data obsolete, and many organizations are experiencing a data deficit where their models were trained to recognize behavior patterns that no longer exist. The path forward lies in giving analytics teams fast access to all data, no matter the source, to find new patterns and retrain models. Gartner calls this X Analytics, the ability to improve decision-making with faster access to newer data sources, thus uncovering new behavioral patterns. This will address the loss of the great data science work that's been done, and help get machine learning models focused on the right data.

This keynote will explore: 

  • Pain points associated with delays in digital transformation projects

  • How X Analytics addresses these, with examples across industries

  • Strategies for building an X Analytics architecture that fills data, technical and organizational gaps

10:45am - 11:00am  EST Break

11:00am - 12:00pm  EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Taking Model Governance to the Next Level

David Dietrich headshot

David Dietrich

VP, Advanced Analytics & Governance

Fidelity Investments

Tamir Hegazy headshot

Tamir Hegazy

Chief Data Officer


Kevin Fitzpatrick headshot

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Head of Data, Privacy & AI Governance

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co

As organizations continue developing models and advancing their AI/ML program, some organizations have encountered the next set of challenges related to developing efficient ways to deploy, manage and monitor production models at scale. Depending on how long organizations have been developing AI/ML models, organizations may be at different stages in this maturity curve as they begin to design their program and capabilities for governing models.

Join this session to explore:

  • Connection of data governance with model governance, including taking steps to address model drift or data drift
  • Deploying models and determining ways to productionize and monitor models on premise or in the cloud
  • How peers at other organizations have approached Model Governance for their AI/ML models

12:00pm - 12:45pm  EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Changing the Rules on MDM—Data Mastering at Scale

Michael Stonebraker headshot

Michael Stonebraker

Co-Founder of Tamr and Adjunct Professor


Srinivasan Sankar headshot

Srinivasan Sankar

Enterprise Data Leader

Hanover Insurance Group

Today’s data leaders are facing unique challenges that require innovative solutions and the implementation of emerging technologies; Master Data Management in particular requires machine learning. Join this keynote for a thought-provoking presentation by A.M. Turing award winner Michael Stonebraker on the next generation of MDM and why human-guided machine learning is critical for advancing big data, unlocking data’s full potential, and driving analytical insights.

12:45pm - 1:15pm  EST Networking

Community Networking and Discussion

Join this informal and interactive networking session to connect with your Boston CDO peers. In this session, the Boston community will have the chance to share their takeaways from the program in small groups and walk away with at least one new connection.

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