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Patrick Putman


Manuchar Inc

Patrick Putman is the CIO of Manuchar Group. He is a digital transformation leader, combining IT and business knowledge. He leads teams and companies to their next level.

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Give us a brief overview of the path that led to your current role.

I have 20 years building bridges between the business and IT from the business side in various industries, and 10 years doing the same but from an IT side, with a passion for the application of technology to improve human life and performance.

What is one of your guiding leadership principles?

My guiding leadership principle is to begin with the end in mind. Be a leader with an infinite mindset.

What is the greatest challenge CIOs face today, and how are you addressing it?

Dealing with the speed of an organisation and how fast its people can evolve while technology goes faster is a challenge.

What is the key to success for someone just starting out as a CIO?

The key to success is to build a plan, get it validated and understood, and deliver.

How do you measure success as a leader?

The question I ask to measure success is: “Do people respect you because of your plans and ideas or do they respect you because of your title?“

What is the value of being a member of the Evanta community?

Being a member of the Evanta community allows me to share knowledge and meet colleagues with similar interests.

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