May 19, 2015 / Governing Body Private Dinner

6:00pm - 8:30pm Governing Body Private Dinner

Think Epic, Be Epic – How to be a Disruptive Hero

Dinner Keynote 

Bill Jensen
Author & Thought Leader
"Simplicity" & "The Courage Within Us"
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CIOs are in a prime position to influence the way business innovates and responds to disruption. Bill Jensen has interviewed hundreds of disruptive heroes to discover the underlying skills and attitudes that allow them to leverage disruption, and create the future of work. In this keynote session, Jensen will provide case studies of innovative leaders who played the creative tension of disruption to their advantage, and illuminate the fundamental attributes and ambitions of these disruptive innovators. Join Jensen as he presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with peers in an interactive discussion about turning disruptions into strategic advantages.

May 20, 2015 / Conference

7:00am - 7:40am

Registration & Breakfast

7:40am - 8:30am Opening Keynote

Trajectories and End Points – Where is All This Change Taking Us?

Keynote  sponsored by: Rimini Street, Inc.

Thornton May
Leading IT Futurist
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We are at an inflection point for digital civilization and at the center of this transformation sits the CIO confronting “a series of great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” Four fundamentally disruptive technologies — Big Data, mobility, social media and cloud — will expand the possibility set of high-performance business models; reshape the solution provider ecosystem; discombobulate expectations of IT; redefine how IT should be managed, measured and led; and re-prioritize/restructure IT skills and practices. The game is afoot. Thornton May will share findings from global research about the impact of emerging technologies and give a glimpse into the business landscape of the future.

8:30am - 9:00am

Networking Break

9:00am - 9:50am Breakout Sessions

Data-Driven IT Transformation – Lessons Learned

Featured Session  sponsored by: EMC Corporation

Jon Peirce
EMC Corporation
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The mandate for IT transformation is clear, and data is the key. Even in traditional businesses, competitive differentiation is shifting away from actual products and services toward faster and more strategic ways to turn data into business value. In order to capitalize on digitization opportunities, organizations need to adapt how they think of and treat data, from governance and technologies to the roles, skills and organizational structures necessary to turn insight into action. Jon Peirce shares how EMC transformed the business through data, and recounts significant lessons he’s learned along the way.

IT Innovation Advancing Wharton’s Global Mission

Featured Session  sponsored by: BlueJeans Network

Dan Alig
The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
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Remember the old adage about business being about relationships? Nowhere is it truer than in business school, where the classroom experience and the relationship between professor and student are critically important. Converging Internet and digital forces are disrupting the traditional modes of learning, requiring the savvy CIO at the Wharton School, Dan Alig, to explore strategic avenues to get ahead of the curve. Wharton’s state-of-the-art facilities integrate a range of videoconferencing technologies and create optimized human connections by removing distance barriers and expanding global learning possibilities. Join this session to see how Alig positioned Wharton for the future and how technology can help build relationships.

Smart Enablement – Mobility, Millennials and Modernizing your Workforce

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Sprint Business

Mike Rinehart
Fox Rothschild LLP
Betty Ritts
AlliedBarton Security Services
Michael Smith
Director, Strategic Planning
Sprint Business
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Current CIOs are long past the inflection point on smart devices and enterprise cloud applications — enablement is now an expectation of the workforce. Customer experiences interface with front-line employees and affect the entire business, giving weight to enablement decisions. Increasing employee engagement, reducing costs and enhancing communication all position the company to perform at a higher level, but does a simple BYOD policy guarantee success? What opportunities do CIOs have to provide solutions for their workforce? What are the limits and unforeseen consequences of enablement initiatives? In this interactive discussion with peers, engage these questions and a myriad of use cases.

Executive boardrooms are intimate and interactive sessions designed to foster dynamic dialogue around a specific, strategic topic. These private, closed-door discussions encourage attendee participation and are limited to 25 attendees (seating priority is given to CIOs).

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9:50am - 10:20am

Networking Break

10:20am - 11:10am Breakout Sessions

Get Briefed – FBI Cybersecurity Insights

Featured Session 

C. Todd Ratcliffe
Section Chief, Cyber Operations Section II
Federal Bureau of Investigation Cyber Division
Jim Carty
Chief Security Officer, Philadelphia Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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The captain of a ship must understand what their sailor sees from the crow’s nest in order to make decisions and direct the crew intelligently. Similarly, a CIO must understand the ever-present horizon of threats. The FBI engages with these threats daily and will share what they have learned with Philadelphia CIOs. This joint presentation takes a look at the global cybersecurity threat landscape, what activity to expect from the FBI during an incident response, options for collaboration between government and enterprise to better secure valuable information assets, and often overlooked strategic options to reduce your company’s risk.

Already-Large Appetite for Digital Grows

Featured Session  sponsored by: Pivotal, An EMC Company

Angela Yochem
Global CIO
BDP International, Inc.
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The Society for Luddites is having a difficult decade. Digital technology continues to shake up the business landscape and its effects are far-reaching and powerful; companies are either being disrupted by digital or developing digital offerings to disrupt the competition. CIOs hold the keys to move their companies through the digital maze. In order to effectively map digital in a broad range of industries, the what, why and how must be answered. From case studies to emerging trends, Angela Yochem, global CIO at BDP International Inc., will share her rich experience and lead an interactive session focused on the ways you can improve your company’s digital footprint.

Blurred Lines Advance IT

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Red Hat, Inc.

Gerry Christian
VWR International, LLC
John Marcante
CIO and Managing Director
Tom Murphy
VP, IT & University CIO
University of Pennsylvania
Michael Solberg
Chief Architect, East Region
Red Hat, Inc.
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Building strong and resilient relationships based on trust requires intention, hard work and results. The same is true for the CIO reaching horizontally and vertically throughout the business to build meaningful partnerships to better address challenges and deliver on strategic growth areas. Blended competencies — technology intelligence, business acumen and leadership skills — allow CIOs to run IT as a business and gain necessary support for strategy. But how are positive outcomes managed for employees, the businesses, risk management and IT? Enter this discussion to learn the groundwork for business partnership and how to identify technology in which IT needs to lead the company charge.

11:10am - 11:40am

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11:40am - 12:50pm Luncheon Keynote

Embedding Silicon Valley Speed and Agility Lessons Into GE

Keynote  sponsored by: Workday

Viv Goldstein
Global Director, Innovation Acceleration
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GE’s “FastWorks” is changing the way the enterprise thinks and acts — in innovation engines and beyond. Rising to the challenge of super-nimble startups, GE set out to learn from the best “lean and mean” Silicon Valley ventures, materializing in the aptly coined program. Changing the way employees think and practice innovation requires an internally coherent ecosystem of strategy and process. Learnings ranging from product development, go-to-market speed and accountability structures have helped Viv Goldstein infuse the massive, 130-year-old enterprise with new institutional competencies focused on growth.

12:50pm - 1:20pm

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1:20pm - 2:10pm Breakout Sessions

Moving From the Playbook to the White Board in M&As

Featured Session 

Todd Fritsche
Cerner Corporation
Dave Kotch
FMC Corporation
Michael Michlovich
IT Director
James Schinski
PPL Corporation
Scott Alcott
Comcast Corporation
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The team is down three points with 20 seconds to play and the star player has fouled out. Success depends on the coach drawing up a game-winning play. Such is the challenge of IT executives working on complex and dynamic M&A activity. Yes, organizations have their M&A playbooks — important for the same reasons as in sports. However, managing the human layer, balancing the time horizon, and synergizing efforts with a clear business case requires a finely tuned executive skill set with an imagination to create on the fly. Take a peek over the shoulders of our experienced panelists to learn how to win the game.

City of Philadelphia Drives IT Innovation

Featured Session 

Adel Ebeid
Chief Innovation Officer
City of Philadelphia
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The city’s IT infrastructure was outdated, underperforming and incomplete. Catalyzed by Mayor Nutter’s initiative to transform IT into a world-class operation, Philadelphia’s first chief innovation officer had his work cut out for him. Grappling with legacy systems and the great need for improved citizen service, Adel Ebeid devised a roadmap for IT excellence. The challenge is common for CIOs: how do you balance the need to “keep the lights on” as well as develop the capacity for innovation to meet the future needs of the organization? Ebeid is well down the road with exciting landmarks to share.

Cutting Through Big Data and Analytics Clutter

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: IBM

Chris Kulczytzky
VP, Enterprise Systems
McGraw Hill Financial
Peter Mooiweer
VP, Information Delivery
Joel Horwitz
Director of Portfolio Marketing, IBM Analytics Platform
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Implementing data and analytics processes and technology creates significant changes and requires valuable resources. Choosing between “good” and “great” data and analytics initiatives is often the difference in creating a sustainable competitive advantage. But how does the IT organization itself evolve to meet the demand created by new analytics capabilities? Is decentralizing IT the right move in light of the security and collaboration implications? How does the CIO best integrate analytic value through interfaces instead of reports? Join this roundtable discussion to engage your peers in what they are doing to make key investments and develop targeted analytics capabilities.

Executive boardrooms are intimate and interactive sessions designed to foster dynamic dialogue around a specific, strategic topic. These private, closed-door discussions encourage attendee participation and are limited to 25 attendees (seating priority is given to CIOs).

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2:10pm - 2:30pm

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2:30pm - 3:20pm

True Business Partners

Game Changer 

Kevin Michaelis
VP, Global IT & CIO
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
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Enabling the business through IT allows P&L owners to focus on driving new product initiatives instead of back-office capabilities. Embedding IT, insourcing and aligning incentives advance a lightning-quick partnership.

This is the first of three concise and compelling 15-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value presentation will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

Preparedness at the Front Line

Game Changer 

Tom Beauchamp
Penn National Gaming, Inc.
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Cybersecurity needs a rebranding. The challenge is not finding and implementing the technological silver bullet to detect or thwart intrusions, but building and maintaining cybersecurity preparedness through cross-discipline teams.

This is the second of three concise and compelling 15-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value presentation will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

2:30pm - 3:20pm Breakout Sessions

Big Data Value – Ballyhoo or Benefit?

Featured Session 

Melanie Harris
School District Of Philadelphia
Somesh Nigam
SVP & Chief Informatics Officer
Independence Blue Cross
John Quinn
VP, Global Data Mgmt.
Pfizer Inc.
Melissa Sumner
Senior CTO Program Manager, Big Data
Lisa McCann
Principal, Enterprise Shared Services
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Tremendous opportunities exist to turn data — small or big, structured or unstructured — into actionable insights to improve services for clients, enhance products, tune the efficiency of business processes and reduce risk. But is all this value hypothetical? What Big Data opportunities make sense to pursue? What solutions will best answer questions companies need to ask of their data? Moderator Lisa McCann, principal of enterprise shared services at Vanguard, will provide her Big Data expertise and inquire panelists to share strategies to approach Big Data; develop critical skill sets of their data and analytics teams; tackle integration challenges; and balance privacy concerns.

The Tale of Two Chiefs

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: RealCom Solutions

Adam Bonanno
Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
Susan Bergen
Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
Gina Clark
Dale Danilewitz
Charlie Bogart
RealCom Solutions
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There’s a special dynamic between CIO and CMO. A great partnership can generate new business and engage customers at the strategic nexus of the two functions. This mesh point is created through an explicit alliance and implicit respect. Because digital, and the widespread adoption of consumer technology, has impacted the path to purchase, as well as the transformation of the brand building process, there are many opportunities for the duo to innovate in parallel. Come together in this roundtable discussion to learn how to integrate a flair for the inventive, foster a powerful cross-discipline partnership, and hear illuminating lessons from CIO peers.

Executive boardrooms are intimate and interactive sessions designed to foster dynamic dialogue around a specific, strategic topic. These private, closed-door discussions encourage attendee participation and are limited to 25 attendees (seating priority is given to CIOs).

To reserve your seat, please contact:
Blake Weber at 971-717-6679 or

3:20pm - 3:40pm

Networking Break

3:40pm - 4:20pm Closing Keynote

Protecting Brand Identity in the Digital Age


Marc Varner
McDonald's Corporation
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With recent media-worthy data breaches on the mind of many consumers and legislators, it’s increasingly important for CIOs to understand their role and responsibility in protecting the company brand. As enterprises make a bigger push to outsource services and establish a digital presence, reputational risk spikes. CIOs must all be primed to manage, identify and react accordingly. Drawing on his experience as CISO for one of the world’s most recognizable brands, Marc Varner of McDonald’s Corporation discusses the notion that appropriate security is directly proportionate to your knowledge of the brand you’re protecting. Join this session for strategies and must-haves to safeguard organizational reputation.

4:20pm - 5:00pm

Closing Reception & Prize Drawings