December 1, 2015 / Governing Body Private Dinner

6:00pm - 8:30pm Governing Body Private Dinner

Step Up in the Moments That Matter

Dinner Keynote 

Henry Evans
Author, "Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter"
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There is no question that every individual has the potential to better demonstrate true leadership. The question we may not be asking is: Does the person with the formal title or authority always have to lead? By understanding the power of “vertical leadership,” a term explained in the Amazon Top 10 leadership book, “Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter,” organizations that generate leadership at every level of their organization gain a strong competitive advantage. Join author Henry Evans for an inspiring and informative look at how to prepare yourself and your team to lead in the moments that matter.

December 2, 2015 / Content Highlights

7:00am - 7:45am

Registration & Breakfast

7:45am - 8:30am Opening Keynote

Embedding Silicon Valley Speed and Agility Lessons Into GE


Nick Perugini
CIO, Corporate IT - Global Functions
General Electric Company
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GE’s “FastWorks” is changing the way the enterprise thinks and acts — in innovation engines and beyond. Rising to the challenge of super-nimble startups, GE set out to learn from the best “lean and mean” Silicon Valley ventures, materializing in the aptly coined program. Changing the way employees think and practice innovation requires an internally coherent ecosystem of strategy and process. Learnings ranging from product development, go-to-market speed and accountability structures have helped Nick Perugini infuse the massive, 130-year-old enterprise with new institutional competencies focused on growth.

8:30am - 9:00am

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9:00am - 9:50am Breakout Sessions

International IT Influencers

Featured Session 

Ian Robertson
Craig Cuyar, Ph.D.
Global CIO
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Jon Harding
Global CIO
Conair Corporation
Warren Kudman
VP & Chief Information Officer
Turner Construction Company
Walter Yosafat
SVP & Global CIO
Wyndham Worldwide
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Serving as a global CIO gives IT leaders the opportunity to develop a diverse talent pool and turn them into leaders on an international scale. On the other hand, holding the title of global CIO presents layers of management and technological complexity that one must conquer to remain effective and serve stakeholders. The challenges are many, from building a global model and developing a supportive communication strategy to implementing uniform standards and practices that preserve flexibility to leverage diversity. Attend this session to glean insight from New Jersey’s top global CIOs on how to manage complexity on a worldwide scale.

Safeguard Stakeholders Against Increasing Threat Trends

Featured Session 

Anthony Longo
Tiffany & Co.
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Cybersecurity breaches are increasingly littering media headlines — most notably in retail because of the sensitive customer information hackers crave. The controls needed to combat these attacks, however, can apply to any industry that holds sensitive user data. The main threats facing information security leaders — and their organizations — range from attacks against personal data and breaches resulting from third-party and cloud vendors, to the evolving threat landscape and a lack of overall cybersecurity awareness. Anthony Longo explores how CIOs and CISOs can collaborate both internally and externally to strengthen the resolve against these obstacles to safeguard stakeholders.

Dovetail Business and IT Strategies, Then Watch ROI Soar

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Red Hat

Kevin Gokey
VP & Global CIO
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Brian Bell
Sr. Manager, Business Engagement
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
James Kostulias
Retail CIO
TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation
Brent Holden
Chief Architect
Red Hat
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For the ROI-focused CIO, there’s no room for ambiguity between business strategy and IT. CIOs must maintain a foothold in overall business strategy if they’re going to drive real value. For many top CIOs, the answer lies in a team of business relationship managers, competent in both business and information technology strategy. Leveraged effectively, these teams can empower IT to work proactively in tandem with evolving business demands. To maximize this dedicated resource, however, CIOs must prepare to experiment with the status quo. Attend this boardroom to discuss tactical considerations for building business relationship management capability within IT to drive ROI.

9:50am - 10:20am

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10:20am - 11:10am Breakout Sessions

Data-Driven IT Transformation – Lessons Learned

Featured Session  sponsored by: EMC Corporation

Jon Peirce
EMC Corporation
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The mandate for IT transformation is clear, and data is the key. Even in traditional businesses, competitive differentiation is shifting away from actual products and services toward faster and more strategic ways to turn data into business value. In order to capitalize on digitization opportunities, organizations need to adapt how they think of and treat data, from governance and technologies to the roles, skills and organizational structures necessary to turn insight into action. Jon Peirce shares how EMC transformed the business through data, and recounts significant lessons he’s learned along the way.

Alternative Advancement – Capturing the Value of a Fluid STEM Workforce

Featured Session 

Pulin Sanghvi
Executive Director, Career Services
Princeton University
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The ongoing STEM talent deficit presents today’s most capable IT minds with higher numbers of increasingly attractive job opportunities. By providing employees with personal and professional development, the hiring market is rising to the occasion of appealing to this highly sought-after talent. Developing each employee’s unique value proposition underwrites organizations with the cutting-edge skillsets they need in-house to remain competitive, often offsetting the cost of employing a fluid workforce. Pulin Sanghvi will present the alternative advancement opportunities organizations can leverage to attract STEM talent as well as empower that talent to make this disruptive trend work to the organization’s advantage.

The Gold Mine Between the Lines – Panning for Business Insights

Executive Boardroom 

Gordon Gaudet
Selective Insurance Company of America
Gerard Insall
Avis Budget Group, Inc.
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Business intelligence is the holy grail of IT value, but the elusive intelligence rests between the seemingly infinite lines of data and analytics. Leveraging data is quickly rivaling cybersecurity as a main focus and responsibility of the CIO. Failure to equip the organization to utilize information to drive, dictate and predict customer experience could result in missed revenue opportunities and as such, CIOs are clamoring to improve their ability to translate data and analytics into strategic business decisions. Join this boardroom discussion to uncover the tools, training and customization CIOs must consider when developing their organization’s analytics infrastructure.

11:10am - 11:40am

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11:40am - 12:50pm Luncheon Keynote

The Ugly Truth About Cybersecurity and the Board


Jim Noble
The Advisory Council
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Studies show that almost every Fortune 100 company has suffered a significant data breach, whether they know it or not. Jim Noble argues that telling the board of directors that “IT has cybersecurity handled” would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. Noble says CIOs have an ethical responsibility to communicate the inherent — and almost inevitable — risks of operating in a cyber world. The board needs to hear the ugly truth about this inevitability and to understand the personal risks they run as a result. Jim Noble will present the disruptive insights CIOs must consider when ethically communicating cybersecurity to the board.

12:50pm - 1:20pm

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1:20pm - 2:10pm Breakout Sessions

Don’t Divide and Conquer – Partner and Prevail

Featured Session 

Bradford Willke
Cyber Security Advisor
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
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In the absence of a universally mandated reporting and coordination protocol for cybersecurity incidents, a glaring gap persists in the defense against cyberattacks. Part of the solution, Bradford Willke says, is voluntary collaboration between public and private entities. Instead of a compliance-driven approach to enforcing cybersecurity standards, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security utilizes partnership initiatives to recognize, prepare for, coordinate, respond to and recover from cyberattacks. The government fills an active role in cyber risk management, providing the insight necessary for effective cyber preparedness, risk mitigation and incident response. Together, public and private cybersecurity defenses will seek to overcome cybercrime.

Covanta Cloud Migration Lessons Learned

Featured Session 

Ben Cabrera
Sr. Director, Bus. Sys Delivery
Covanta Holding Corporation
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Ben Cabrera will share his insights surrounding the nearly complete, total cloud migration at Covanta.

Embed Disruptive Technologies and Innovation Into Corporate DNA

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Tata Consultancy Services

Adam Noble
Tony Serignese
Vice President of IT, Brother Americas
Brother International Corporation
Rachel Powers
Head of Digital Reimagination Center
Tata Consultancy Services
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Meeting the increasing demands of diverse stakeholders relies on the CIO’s ability to innovate and leverage disruptive technologies. The inherent risk of new tool adoption — including vetting the applicability to business strategy — demands a CIO with a keen eye for balancing risk and potential reward. Driving divergent thinking calls for more than attending workshops; it requires a creative, supportive environment where problem-solving is the norm, requiring technology that enables cross-functional collaboration and ultimately, organizational success. Join Rachel Powers for an interactive discussion around breaking from the pack by constructing a culture of innovation where taking risks is standard — and it’s okay to fail.

2:10pm - 2:30pm

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2:30pm - 3:20pm Breakout Sessions

Out-Smarting the Innovators’ Dilemma

Featured Session 

Nehal Trivedi
Chief Technology Strategist
Realogy Holdings Corporation
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The “Innovators’ Dilemma” says successful companies put too much emphasis on customers' current needs, and fail to adopt new strategies that will meet their customers' evolving demands. For the most part, innovation is associated with startups, entrepreneurs and companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung. But to compete in a globally connected world, traditional companies need a culture of innovation and the infrastructure required to make novel ideas realities. This demands a team that knows when to invest more and when to change the course. Nehal Trivedi exposes how to build and maintain a culture of innovation that serves stakeholders.

Agile Governance in the Age of Innovation

Executive Boardroom 

James Obermayer
Cytec Industries Inc.
Luis Taveras, Ph.D
Barnabas Health
Jason McKay
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Balancing governance decisions is one of the most complex facets of being a CIO. But as times, technologies and demands evolve, institutionalizing high-functioning IT governance that can rapidly adapt to organizational change is vital to success. Some argue that governance should be as agile as the technologies affecting it; others say that only time will tell if existing governance methods are effective. In this boardroom, discuss the best practices of contemporary governance that will not only maintain alignment with the overall business strategy, but also drive innovation, engage stakeholders and deliver a return on investment.

The Higher the Stakes, the Higher the Scrutiny

Executive Boardroom 

Ken Jeanos
President & CIO
Panasonic Corporation of North America
Robert MacTaggart
Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Robert Entin
Executive Vice President & CIO
Vornado Realty Trust
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2015 is a year of cybersecurity nightmares. Hackers are executing higher profile breaches with increasingly complex motives. Data security stakes are higher than ever — and they will continue to rise, demanding that CIOs take a proactive approach to combatting threats. Now, the FTC cybersecurity ruling in August says enterprises may undergo a full-fledged cybersecurity audit in the event of a data breach. The ruling zeros-in on organizations’ regulatory compliance standards, privacy policies, third-party consultants and risk manager involvement in security strategies. Join this boardroom discussion about the ways CIOs are proactively tackling evolving security threats.

3:20pm - 3:40pm

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3:40pm - 4:20pm Closing Keynote

From Crisis Response to Crisis Prevention


Atefeh Riazi
Assistant Secretary General & Chief Information Technology Officer
United Nations
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Advancements in technology and innovation aggregate and also mitigate world crises. The implications of technology — both positive and negative — have significant socio-political impacts, shaping and forming the organizational terrain in ways that often go undetected for years. These impacts need to be understood — and then integrated or alleviated. How does the IT community recognize the unintended consequences of technology? How do CIOs go beyond the visible risks to foresee the largely invisible risks? Technology is changing everything, and leaders must take responsibility for managing the social, economic, political, environmental, security and cultural changes that new technology drives.

4:20pm - 5:00pm

Closing Reception & Prize Drawings