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December 3, 2013 / Governing Body Private Dinner

6:00pm Governing Body Private Dinner

A World Changed by Connectivity

Dinner Keynote

Shelly Palmer
Thought Leader
and Author
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Connectivity is quickly changing the world. By 2020, there will be 25 billion connected devices, and at least half will be connected by mobile technology. According to Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt, “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.” Shelly Palmer, author of “Digital Wisdom: Thought Leadership for a Connected World,” does not think that a mobile strategy goes far enough. In this session, Palmer will explore the evolution of exo-digitally enhanced humans — how we are outsourcing our memory, way-finding, fact-finding and other ways that we are using connected devices to alter our behavior.

Session discovery topics:
• Learn about the state-of-the-art trends in connected and connectable technology
• Understand the implications for business
• Drive business forward with action items

December 4, 2013 / Conference

7:00am - 7:30am

Registration & Breakfast

7:30am - 8:50am Opening Keynote

How it Works – Marketing and IT’s Partnership at Honeywell


Brett Hecker
Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies
Patrick Hogan
VP Marketing
Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies
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There are headlines everywhere in business about the role of the CIO and CMO evolving. What does their partnership look like in practice at a multinational organization? Brett Hecker and Patrick Hogan at Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies will offer their perspectives on the CIO and CMO role within their company, the projects they have collaborated on and where these roles are headed at Honeywell. Join this session to learn the importance of embracing change and how the CIO/CMO partnership can bring business dividends.

Session discovery topics:
• Marketing and IT relationship is critical to business success
• Technology is accelerating the convergence
• Comfort with change and a lack of firm boundaries

8:50am - 9:20am

Networking Break

9:20am - 10:10am Breakout Sessions

Scaling Innovation to Meet Business Needs

Featured Speaker sponsored by: Tata Consultancy Services

K. Ananth Krishnan
Tata Consultancy Services
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Can business alignment make ideation, invention and exploration truly future focused? Can true disruptions happen when business demands faster, better and cheaper solutions? TCS CTO K. Ananth Krishnan discusses opportunities for solving this “innovator’s dilemma” with a structured, “4E” model for innovation management in the enterprise. He will discuss the importance of the Evangelize role in taking ideas from the drawing board created by the Explorers to pilots engineered by the Enablers, and then on to industrial scale by the Exploit teams. Ananth will also explain the freedom each team enjoys and the metrics they are measured by, in order to create the ideal conditions for business-relevant innovation. Join this session to learn about using this innovation model to create opportunities in the digital world to reimagine business.


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Mobile Technology – Beyond the Trend

Executive Discussion

Douglas Blackwell
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Ann Joyce
Aeropostale, Inc.
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Consumer use of mobile devices has changed the way companies communicate with their customers. Organizations have the ability to deliver a consistent message through many channels and mobile is a large part of that. How can CIOs develop the infrastructure necessary to deliver the content needed by the business? Join this session to discuss how companies are determining where to invest resources to best capture new mobile technology opportunities.

Session discovery topics:
• Define what an omnichannel strategy is and what mobility should be
• Do not chase trends — find the business relevance
• Develop speed of response and agility

Leveraging the Cloud for Rapid Innovation and Business Transformation

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

Jim Medeiros
Mark Sander
VP & Global CIO
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Simone Brunozzi
Senior Technology Evangelist
Amazon Web Services
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Cloud computing has become one of the most discussed IT paradigms of recent years. The ability to obtain high-performing, secure, elastic compute, storage, database, and networking resources in an always-available, on-demand business model presents significant opportunities for organizations of all sizes. Technology leaders within the largest global enterprises are realizing the strategic advantages of adopting cloud computing, leveraging it to increase business agility, speed the pace of innovation and rapidly adapt to changing market. Join Simone Brunozzi, cloud evangelist at Amazon Web Services; Jim Medeiros, VP, Is at UPS; and Mark Sander, VP and global CIO at Church & Dwight co., for an interactive discussion on the opportunities and challenges of adopting public cloud infrastructure to drive business and technology transformations.

10:10am - 10:40am

Networking Break

10:40am - 11:30am Breakout Sessions

Technology Provides Covanta an Energy Boost

Best Practice sponsored by: Aruba Networks, Inc.

Stuart Kippelman
Covanta Energy Corporation
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How can IT solve business problems? This is the crucial opportunity that IT leaders face as their role and organization’s expectations of technology change. At Covanta Energy Corporation, Stuart Kippelman instituted three separate initiatives, a 2013 CIO 100 winning project using BPM that automates the entire contract and proposal process for the sales team; a business analytics tool to get real-time information into the right people’s hands; and ideation software that has increased engagement and saved the business money. Come to this session to learn more about each of these projects and how they fit into the overarching purpose of IT at Covanta.


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Facing an Adaptive Adversary

Featured Speaker

Brett Yeager
Special Agent, FBI Newark - Cyber Investigations
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Information security poses one of the stiffest corporate challenges — there is a thinking, adaptive adversary actively opposing efforts. Also, because other organizations are de-incentivized to share information publicly about breaches, companies operate without a full picture of the threat landscape. The FBI’s office however, investigates concerns across companies and industries and can identify trends in security threats. Join Special Agent Brett Yeager as he discusses evolving cyber threats from various groups of actors, and gives IT executives a leg up in their battle.

Session discovery topics:
• APT — new targets and sophistication of attacks
• Insider threats — pharma-specific examples
• Trends in critical infrastructure insourcing

From Order Taker to Service Provider

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

Gordon Gaudet
Selective Insurance Company of America
Brad Jennes
Accelerate Advisory Services, Senior Manager
VMware, Inc.
Barry Gilmore
L'Oréal USA
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The wave of change is a constant factor for CIOs as they look to move their organizations into the future. In order to deal with this constant shift, IT departments must be nimble, forward thinking, and now more than ever, service focused. This change is leading to the implementation of new cloud and virtualization technologies that prove to be efficient and cost effective. This interactive boardroom moderated by Brad Jennes, will provide an opportunity for CIOs to discuss how they are adopting the new technologies of today in order to be ready for the technology landscape of tomorrow. Participants will share how they are seeing their organizations shift and what that means as they look to transform IT into an essential service provider for their business.

11:30am - 12:00pm

Networking Break

12:00pm - 1:20pm Luncheon Keynote

Should Your Head Be in the Cloud(s)?


Craig Cuyar, Ph.D.
Global CIO
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Michael Del Priore
Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc.
Adam Noble
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What are the biggest concerns and opportunities organizations see as they implement different levels and types of cloud? There are many variations on how to best leverage the cloud and each organization’s needs are different. This session will feature three CIOs from different industries discussing their successes and future prospects in cloud adoption. Join this panel to hear how other companies are addressing the challenges of vendor negotiations, security issues, legal ramifications and selling cloud to the business.

1:20pm - 1:50pm

Networking Break

1:50pm - 2:40pm Breakout Sessions

Technology is Business – Moving Technology Forward

Best Practice

Balan Gothandaraman
Chief Technology Architect
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In the not too distant past, CFOs were viewed as back office personnel, charged with accounting, bookkeeping and little else. Since then, CFOs have evolved to be the frontrunner for CEO positions in business. The Technology in Business Roundtable predicts CIOs will soon have a similar evolution in their organizations. Are CIOs ready for that? Balan Gothandaraman, a technology executive at Visa, will describe how technology has been transitioning from being a cost center to an enabler of business, and becoming the business itself. Gothandaraman will discuss various industries to show how technology has evolved in importance to become an integral part of business. The presentation will share tools for CIOs and IT executives to present technology in a different way to CEOs, C-suite executives and board of directors.

How to “Think Differently” and Instill a Culture of Innovation

Executive Discussion

Tamar Chelouche
VP Business Development
Systematic Inventive Thinking
Mark S Smith
American Water Works Company, Inc.
Leigh Ann Thomas
Senior Business Relationship Manager
American Water Works Company, Inc.
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Is your IT organization struggling to effectively meet business client expectations for the technology devices used outside the office? Join this session to learn how American Water applied a unique innovation system called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) to “shake up” the way the IT department approached traditional IT challenges. Find out how this one day process provided American Water with more than 30 practical ideas to improve IT accessibility to the field without increasing costs or headcount. See how the SIT approach provided an easy-to-learn toolkit that could be rapidly applied for process improvement, problem solving and cross-functional ideation.


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2:40pm - 3:10pm

Networking Break

3:10pm - 4:00pm Closing Keynote

Four Quadrants – Merck’s System for IT Success


Richard Branton
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The IT function at Merck leverages a four-quadrant framework to help guide investment and prioritization decisions. The four quadrants include the IT utility, business productivity, revenue generation and industry disruption. During this session, Rich Branton, Merck’s CTO, will talk through how Merck has leveraged this framework to strengthen the company’s foundational IT capability while shifting focus towards the application of technology to enable both bottom line productivity and top line growth opportunities.

Session discovery topics:
• Challenging business peers to drive productivity in their function through IT investments
• Using information gleaned from data to increase revenue
• Leveraging technology to change the industry landscape

4:10pm - 5:00pm Closing Keynote

Building a Strategic Partnership with a Service-Oriented Approach


Vittorio Cretella
Chief Information Officer
Mars, Inc
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Vittorio Cretella, CIO for Mars Incorporated, will share the journey of Mars information services becomes an efficient and effective internal service organization, gaining the trust of stakeholders and shifting the IT conversation from one of cost to strategic business value. He will describe how a professional approach to service management has led to a scope expansion beyond IT and ultimately the creation of a shared service organization covering financial, human resources and general buying disciplines. Learn from Cretella’s journey in helping shape the broader business agenda by leveraging technology and talent as strategic pillars to help Mars deliver a competitive advantage.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Closing Reception & Prize Drawings