December 2, 2014 / Governing Body Private Dinner

6:00pm - 8:30pm Governing Body Private Dinner

A Scientific Approach to the Talent Conundrum

Dinner Keynote 

Dr. Uma Gupta
Founder & Executive Director
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The quest for talent in IT must be reimagined. As the pendulum continues to swing in favor of business acumen and soft skills alongside technical prowess, organizations are faced with the pressing challenge of fundamentally rethinking the way they identify, recruit, reward and retain talent. Small bandages on festering problems no longer deliver results. In this exciting dinner keynote session, Dr. Uma Gupta will share how successful organizations are leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience research on human behavior to build, strengthen and inspire their talent base to achieve extraordinary results.

December 3, 2014 / Conference

7:00am - 7:45am

Registration & Breakfast

7:45am - 8:30am Opening Keynote

IT’s Starring Role in Innovation


Joseph Santamaria
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Innovation is the outcome of culture, not technology. IT has a responsibility to facilitate the discovery and adoption of better technical solutions. The goal is to drive business value by realizing new opportunities and solving existing problems. In doing so, IT should be leveraged to drive an enterprise culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Joseph Santamaria, VP of IT and CIO, shares how he injected innovation into PSEG through the introduction of new methodology, programs that bring key business and technology partners together, governance and a new organizational model.

8:30am - 9:00am

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9:00am - 9:50am Breakout Sessions

Driving IT Stability – Perfecting the Fundamentals

Featured Session 

Barry Gilmore
L'Oréal Americas
Michael Lang
Former VP & Global CIO
Honeywell International Inc.
Ian Robertson
Walter Yosafat
SVP & Global CIO
Wyndham Worldwide Corporation
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CIOs today are faced with a tall order. They must be able to drive organization-wide stability while still responding with lightning quickness to the ever-changing technology needs and demands of their customers. In this dichotomous environment, it becomes crucial to perfect the fundamentals. With the right leadership, people, processes, data, infrastructure and technology in place, the balance between IT stability and innovation becomes easier to manage. Four seasoned IT leaders share their war stories and unique perspectives on how they best serve their businesses by driving immediate agility and long-term stability.

The CIO and Security – From Cybersecurity to the Boardroom

Featured Session 

Roland Cloutier
Global CSO
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As CIOs prioritize their most critical focus areas, information security continues to bubble to the top of the list. From addressing advanced threats to the realities of a margin-based business, the CIO and his security partners must provide realistic protection while balancing investment and the scrutiny of boards and senior executive management. Roland Cloutier, global CISO at ADP, will focus on important issues and dispel security myths. Most importantly, he will tie together business protection strategies, realistic operations and the criticality of driving transparency and efficacy from security, risk and privacy programs while identifying where it matters most.

Beyond the Hype – Big Data Unmasked

Executive Boardroom 

Adam Noble
Manish Parashar
Rutgers University
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New Jersey is open for innovation. With the state’s first Big Data bill recently signed into law by Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey is on its way to becoming a national leader in the field. Big Data has the potential to fundamentally transform the enterprise space and become critical to competitive advantage. But beyond all the hype are technical, privacy and security concerns. This engaging boardroom session led by Manish Parashar, professor of computer science at Rutgers University and New Jersey Big Data Alliance representative, covers the challenges and opportunities that arise from an investment in Big Data.

9:50am - 10:10am

Networking Break

10:10am - 11:00am Breakout Sessions

How Governance Informs Strategy – Creating an IT Road Map

Featured Session 

Nicholas Colisto
Xylem Inc.
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CIO and C-suite communication is more important than ever before. A key component of that communication is presenting a comprehensive strategic plan to the CEO and the board of directors. A well-thought-out strategic plan is the lifeblood of any IT organization, and the best strategic plans begin with the right governance framework. Join Nick Colisto, SVP and CIO of Xylem Inc., as he shares how establishing the right governance structure from the outset helps align IT with the business and corrals disparate divisions and their leaders under the umbrella of a shared vision.

Unified Management for a More Agile Future

Featured Session  sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

Chris Wolf
America's CTO
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Businesses are looking to increase agility and cost efficiency, and CIOs are looking to meet these needs with a combination of existing IT infrastructure and the newer, still-shifting business models required to support a more agile and demanding framework. With increasing complexity in application development, networking and data-storage needs, how can CIOs create and manage an environment fluid enough to prepare for this new future? Chris Wolf, America’s CTO for VMware, will provide a holistic view of how CIOs can manage software-defined data center resources and capabilities to deliver more sophisticated solutions back to the business.

Multicloud, Multipartner – The Complexity of the New Cloud Landscape

Executive Boardroom 

Richard Branton
Michael Del Priore
Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc.
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For the foreseeable future, IT organizations will traffic in an environment that is multicloud and multipartner. While the cloud was initially touted for its ease of use and its smaller impact on IT budgets, companies are no longer seeing those benefits as the scale of cloud projects increases. As the press sensationalizes security exposures, CIOs are left to handle new challenges that are largely a function of the technology environment that they are forced to exist in. This engaging and interactive session focuses on the realities and complexities of the current cloud landscape.

11:00am - 11:30am

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11:30am - 12:30pm Luncheon Keynote

Code Halos and the Emerging SMAC Stack

Keynote  sponsored by: Cognizant

Malcolm Frank
EVP, Strategy & Marketing
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Malcolm Frank will discuss Code HalosTM, the emerging SMAC StackTM and their implications for business model change and outperformance. When leveraged holistically, SMAC technologies enable organizations to shift from hard-coded, industrial models to embrace more boundaryless, collaborative and productive ways of working. Most importantly, the SMAC StackTM provides the technological foundation that enables companies to create and decode Code HalosTM — the digital information that surrounds people, organizations, processes and products. By understanding the illuminating power of Code HalosTM and applying a four-step model to generate unprecedented business value, organizations across industries can achieve market prosperity and avoid market extinction events.

12:30pm - 1:00pm

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1:00pm - 1:50pm Breakout Sessions

The CIO of the Future – The Case for Shifting Leadership Styles

Featured Session 

Stuart Kippelman
Covanta Energy Corporation
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The world we face today is dramatically shifting and accelerating from on-premise to vendor-provided IT services, and from PC to mobile platforms. Along with these highly complex and potentially high-risk shifts, the CIO and all IT leaders must adapt their leadership styles and their organizations’ capability to accommodate change. Stuart Kippelman, VP and CIO of Covanta Energy Corporation, leads a session that will explore the leadership and skill changes needed for each of these shifts, while investigating the opportunities to grow IT in new directions.

1:00pm - 1:50pm

Limiting Uncertainty – How to Understand and Manage Risk

Emerging Provider  sponsored by: Gaea

Amin Sikander
Co-Founder & President
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Amin Sikander will share how Gaea helps clients such as Integra and Google understand and manage the risks inherent in their supply chain and project execution.

This is the first of three concise and compelling 15-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value segment will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

Transforming IT by Collaborating to Build a Game Changing Business Solution

Game Changer 

Pat Roche
VP, IT Solutions
C. R. Bard, Inc.
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It is not uncommon for IT organizations to be viewed as support organizations and cost centers. Pat Roche will share how he collaboratively developed a mobile solution that changed the perception of IT.

This is the second of three concise and compelling 15-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value segment will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

Five Tips for Negotiating With Megavendors

Emerging Provider  sponsored by: Method 180

Sean McIntosh
Vice President
Method 180
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Tired of major vendors driving every negotiation? Learning to speak their language and take back control can significantly reduce licensing costs by translating complex agreements into clear requirements that align to your business and technology requirements. Sean McIntosh shares advice and best practices for negotiating EA agreements, and positioning and addressing an SAM (audit) engagement.

This is the third of three concise and compelling 15-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value segment will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

1:00pm - 1:50pm Breakout Sessions

Accelerate Your Value

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Dell

Jim Stikeleather
Chief Innovation Officer
Dell Services
James Kostulias
Retail CIO
TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation
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Today’s CIO is under pressure to deliver value — which can mean different things to different organizations. Value can come in the form of delivering continuous innovation to strategically cutting costs, or adopting enabling technologies to fuel business growth. However, CEOs aren't waiting for CIOs to decide which path to take.

In three years, 70 percent of CIOs will be replaced. Only 46 percent of CEOs believe their CIO understands the business strategy enough to drive true value. Join this engaging and interactive session to help CIOs stop “just existing” in their current roles, and to start thriving by accelerating their value.

1:50pm - 2:10pm

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2:10pm - 3:00pm Breakout Sessions

Driving Customer Engagement by Unlocking the Power of Data

Featured Session 

Gerard Insall
Avis Budget Group, Inc.
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Data and analytics is an exploding area of investment for the enterprise. With the customer experience at the core of everything they do, Avis Budget Group has been making leaps and bounds in understanding how to use data to discover efficiencies and improve strategies. As customer expectations drive the parameters and channels of engagement, it has never been more important to unlock the power of data. In this session, Gerard Insall, SVP and CIO, shares how Avis is organized around data initiatives, how to educate the C-suite and how the organization is producing higher customer lifetime value.

Age of the Fifth Element – Automation

Featured Session  sponsored by: Tata Consultancy Services

Dave Chopra
Global Head Strategy IT Infrastructure Services, Head of Infrastructure Services North America
Tata Consultancy Services
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As four new age elements — SMAC — establish themselves and fundamentally change the way we live our lives personally and professionally, the combined effect is pushing a fifth element to center stage — automation. With the deployment of digital technologies, like SMAC, IT infrastructure in most organizations continues to grow and become more complex over time. To tackle complexity, a technology-first mindset must be adopted. Championing this new vision, Dave Chopra discusses how TCS has embraced automation and analytics to digitize IT operations from end to end, cutting across infrastructure, platforms and applications and fundamentally changing the way they operate and interact with their customers.

BYOD on Fire

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Sprint Business

Craig Safir
Director, Cloud and Converged Markets
Sprint Business
Tony Serignese
Brother International Corporation
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BYOD is disruptive to IT and empowering to employees. A trend that is only growing, BYOD is a big driver of the continued mobilization of business. CIOs are discovering best practices of BYOD that include access, device and data management, security, cloud-based communication, collaboration set-up and application access and deployment. And, there are challenges to be mindful of as well. What obstacles should CIOs anticipate? What are the accelerants that are driving successful BYOD strategies? This session will identify how CIOs can make the best decisions for their organization’s BYOD strategy.

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Networking Break

3:20pm - 4:00pm Closing Keynote

Championing a Legacy of Excellence


Scott O'Neil
Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, Prudential Center
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Scott O’Neil has built an impressive legacy that includes monumental deals for the NBA. As the CEO of the New Jersey Devils, the Philadelphia 76ers and Prudential Center, the state-of-the-art multipurpose arena located in Newark, New Jersey, O’Neil champions excellence while motivating and challenging more than 500 employees every day. By pioneering innovative partnerships — most recently with — he epitomizes the spirit of leadership. O'Neil shares his management philosophy and explains how his relentless approach can help create a winning culture for enterprise teams.

4:00pm - 5:00pm Closing Reception & Prize Drawings

Special Guest: NJ Devil

Featured Session 

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Special guest, the NJ Devil, joins the group for the Closing Reception and Prize Drawings.