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April 30, 2014 / Governing Body Private Dinner

6:00pm Governing Body Private Dinner

Global Connectivity in a Shrinking World

Dinner Keynote

Lance Lyttle
City of Houston Department of Aviation
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The Houston Airport System handles approximately 50 million passengers on an annual basis, connecting America’s fourth-largest city on a global scale that is essential to both the region’s economy and the quality of life enjoyed by its citizens. Establishing and maintaining sophisticated connectivity in a 21st century airport calls for a unique balance between state-of-the-art technological advances and personal connections. Both are vital to key business relationships and overall customer satisfaction. Chief Operations Officer Lance Lyttle offers valuable insights into striking this balance as it relates to international air service, commercial spaceport opportunities and more.

May 1, 2014 / Conference

7:00am - 7:30am

Registration & Breakfast

7:30am - 9:00am Opening Keynote

CEO and CIO Agendas – Bridging the Great Divide


Michael McDonnell
TPC Group
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The CEO agenda has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and the CIO often struggles to keep up with the change. In this session, Mike McDonnell describes the modern CEO agenda and the growing divergence between the two leadership roles. To overcome this divergence, the CEO and the CIO must deepen their understanding of how information can drive the pace and direction of change in companies. Drawing on his experience as a CEO and IT leader, McDonnell will share successful examples of powerful CEO-CIO convergence, providing insight on how these leadership roles can bridge the divide in order to thrive in a challenging future.

9:00am - 9:30am

Networking Break

9:30am - 10:30am Breakout Sessions

Leading Digital Strategy – The Opportunity CIOs Have Been Waiting For

Featured Session

Dee Waddell
SVP, Chief Digital Officer & CIO
Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.
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CIOs are increasingly expected to take on strategic responsibility and develop greater influence within their companies and industries. With the enhanced focus on digital disruption and digital strategies in the boardroom and CEO’s office, this is truly the leadership opportunity that CIOs have been waiting for. Dee Waddell, chief digital officer and CIO, will share his experience and insights on how the CIO can and must provide a higher level of leadership and influence while taking advantage of this unique inflection point for strategic opportunity.

CenterPoint Energy’s Analytics Journey – A Case Study

Featured Session

William F. Bell
Tech. Dir., Analytics & Data Svcs.
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
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Storms resulting in power outages affect hundreds or thousands of people — upsetting, inconveniencing and threatening the loss of customers. CenterPoint Energy has leveraged analytics to restore service to their customers in the Houston region by anticipating future outages and proactively preparing for storm resolution. They’ve built a smart grid of the future to identify outage locations, determine causes, dispatch crews and automatically alert customers. William Bell shares CenterPoint Energy’s journey in building a smart grid that provides real-time situational awareness, enhances predictive management, supports business transformation, augments corporate security and increases customer satisfaction.

The New Security Model and Transformation in the Enterprise

Featured Session sponsored by: Box

Justin Somaini
VP & Chief Trust Officer
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In an increasingly mobile workforce the need for a security transformation in the enterprise has been clear for quite some time. Organizations are dealing with the shift from analog to digital and require more compliance and policy to protect critical information. To keep up with these changing demands, IT decision—makers must be more agile and responsive to a different set of challenges. Join this session to hear Justin Somaini, chief trust officer at Box, detail what security transformation will look like in the coming year and how it will redefine the responsibilities of vendors, cloud providers and security practitioners.

Business Value of the Software-Defined Enterprise

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

Bill McCown
Director, IT
C&J Energy Services, Inc.
Scott Magee
Business Solutions Strategist, Accelerate Advisory Services
VMware, Inc.
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In order to deal with the constant change in technology shifts, IT departments must be agile and forward thinking. Organizations moving toward a software-defined enterprise today are seeing measurable improvements in nearly every relevant IT metric. These improvements in agility, reliability and efficiency are allowing IT organizations to focus more on driving business value through innovation as opposed to simply keeping the lights on. This interactive boardroom is an opportunity to discuss the CIOs Journey towards a software-defined enterprise that enables efficiency, agility and control across ever-changing business demands.

Executive boardrooms are intimate and interactive sessions designed to foster dynamic dialogue around a specific, strategic topic. These private, closed-door discussions encourage attendee participation and are limited to 25 attendees (seating priority is given to CIOs).

To reserve your seat, please contact: Kelly Douglas, 503-972-4032,

10:30am - 11:00am

Networking Break

11:00am - 12:00pm Breakout Sessions

The Industrial Internet and How CIOs Can Use it to Accelerate Change

Featured Session sponsored by: Tata Consultancy Services

Benjamin Wilson
GE Oil and Gas
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The cloud has permanently changed large swathes of IT and customers’ expectations. CIO’s are being pulled into strategic discussions with customers on how their company’s products are or will integrate sensors, instrumentation and their own enterprise systems like ERP & PLM systems. The key question for any CIO is — how do I respond to this change? In this session, Ben Wilson, CTO at GE Oil and Gas, will discuss the industrial internet and the Internet of Things and how it changes the role of the CIO as we know it today.

Running Highly Efficient IT to Enable Innovation and Drive Value

Featured Session

Partha Srinivasa
Group CIO & SVP
HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.
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More than ever before, CIOs are challenged to drive value to the organization by running highly efficient IT. As business demand and competition increase, IT should focus on strategy that advocates organizational innovation. This requires the CIO to build, organize and manage multilevel and multilateral teams to enable the business to drive systematic innovation. At this session, Partha Srinivasa will explore successful innovation models and key trends in the industry, and will discuss some of the best practices in driving highly efficient IT.

IT and Marketing Alignment – Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Featured Session sponsored by: IBM

Karstin Bodell
VP, Enterprise Marketing
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The lines between IT and marketing are rapidly blurring as social media, e-commerce and Big Data continue to break down barriers between the business and the customer. Marketing is slowly becoming the biggest IT buyer, forcing the IT organization to identify not just as a business enabler, but also as a partner in establishing customer relationships and understanding customer behavior. An interconnected IT and marketing model is critical to the business, ensuring organizational competitive advantage. Join Karstin Bodell as she discusses this fresh partnership and key areas of challenge and opportunity resulting from this culture shift and business strategy.

Next Generation Security Management

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

Steven Hunter
Stage Stores, Inc.
Marlee Perez
Tesoro Companies, Inc.
Brandon S. Dunlap
CSO Consultant, ESS
Hewlett-Packard Company
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The days of questioning your security posture are behind you. Quantifying future security needs is next to impossible and enterprise organizations are starting to recognize that the focus should be on management of limited resources — time, money and people. How do you effectively manage these three elements to drive value from the security platform you already have? How do you measure the effectiveness of security against the investment? This boardroom explores the maturation of security within the enterprise and how to ensure that your security management is efficient and unilaterally aligned with all business units.

Executive boardrooms are intimate and interactive sessions designed to foster dynamic dialogue around a specific, strategic topic. These private, closed-door discussions encourage attendee participation and are limited to 25 attendees (seating priority is given to CIOs).

To reserve your seat, please contact: Kelly Douglas, 503-972-4032,

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Networking Break

12:30pm - 2:00pm Luncheon Keynote

Changing Style of Leadership – Navigating Internal and External Behavioral Change


Marshall Goldsmith
Author and World Renowned Business and Leadership Thinker
Marshall Goldsmith
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Technology’s sphere of influence within the business is expanding. The CIO stands at an inflection point, faced with challenges that require abrupt adaptation of new skills and a changing style of leadership. Marshall Goldsmith, a world authority on leadership thinking and behavioral change, will discuss change management techniques for both internal and external application, focusing on the most strategic key for behavioral change and overcoming common obstacles. Goldsmith will share actionable insights from five different sources of information to illustrate why the most important factor in behavioral change is the person who is changing, not the teacher, coach or book.

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Networking Break

2:30pm - 3:30pm Breakout Sessions

The New Data-Driven Ecosystem – Converging Requirements of Cloud and Big Data

Featured Session sponsored by: EMC Corporation

Patricia Florissi
VP & Global CTO
EMC Corporation
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IT leadership has witnessed a simultaneous transformation of operations through cloud, and application development through mobile and Big Data. While there are currently significant differences in related skills and technologies, it is inevitable that both waves of technology will coexist, integrate and then converge. What will this convergence look like? What are the key intersection points that IT organizations can exploit today and plan for tomorrow? Join this session for a deeper dive into this new data-driven ecosystem and learn how to harness the power of this transition for a stronger, more adaptable enterprise.

Leading Together

Featured Session

Annessa McKenzie
Baker Hughes Incorporated
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Leadership in the current threat landscape is a challenge, and is perhaps the single most important duty a CIO and CISO must take on to provide assurance to executive management. So why not lead together? This session will reveal powerful insights about what it takes to be a leader, the significance of business acumen, the importance of aligning and executing a global security program and inspiring the driving force behind it all — people.

Purposeful Evolution and the Transformational CIO

Featured Session sponsored by: Google Inc.

Maurice Tayeh
McDermott International, Inc
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Progression and change are a natural way of life in the business world; individuals, departments and organizations inherently metamorphose into new states. But avoiding change merely for change’s sake requires genuine transformation — directed, sustained and continual improvement. Affecting this kind of impactful change depends upon the CIO’s ability to visualize a journey and stay the course through trials and tribulations. In this discussion, Maurice Tayeh identifies a transformational CIO as one with the ability to define a baseline, build principals and objectives, and seek and capitalize on opportunities to achieve success. He shares McDermott’s journey and challenges his peers to proactively define their own.

Accelerate Your Value

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: Dell

Al Lindseth
SVP, Technology, Process & Risk Management
Plains All American Pipeline
Eric Hutto
Dell Services
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Today’s CIO is under pressure to deliver value — which can mean different things to different organizations. Value can come in the form of delivering continuous innovation to strategically cutting costs, or adopting enabling technologies to fuel business growth. However, CEOs aren’t waiting for CIOs to decide which path to take.

In three years, 70 percent of CIOs will be replaced. Only 46 percent of CEOs believe their CIO understands the business strategy enough to drive true value. Join this engaging and interactive session to help CIOs stop “just existing” in their current roles, and to start thriving by accelerating their value.

Executive boardrooms are intimate and interactive sessions designed to foster dynamic dialogue around a specific, strategic topic. These private, closed-door discussions encourage attendee participation and are limited to 25 attendees (seating priority is given to CIOs).

To reserve your seat, please contact: Kelly Douglas, 503-972-4032,

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Networking Break

4:00pm - 5:00pm Closing Keynote

How Global Enterprise Expansion and Geopolitical Forces Impact the CIO


Dale Buckner
President & CEO
Global Guardian
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As the enterprise expands into international markets, it encounters fundamental differences in education, religion, societal interaction, tribal structure and political instability — all of which impact business decisions on a global scale. CIOs have an obligation to their stakeholders to leverage emerging technology to keep business personnel safe in new environments. Dale Buckner utilizes his global exposure and decorated military leadership experience to discuss how the state of the world affects the role of the CIO as we know it. In his interactive closing keynote, Buckner explores risks and trends correlated to enterprise operation with an international scope, specifically in emerging, sometimes hostile, markets and economies.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

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