CHRO Leadership Summit

October 26, 2016

St. Regis Atlanta


October 25, 2016 / Governing Body Private Dinner

6:00pm - 8:30pm Governing Body Private Dinner

Focusing on the Future From the Eye of the Storm

Dinner Keynote 

Thornton May
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From boisterous cultural movements to an incendiary political cycle, the rise of the gig economy and the instability of cyber security, “disruption” defines the modern zeitgeist. The mainstream conversation about disruption--Ubers, Hackers, Airbnb's — Oh my!--tends to omit the human element. In a highly interactive session Futurist Thornton May will collaboratively identify trends and the larger cultural forces in play surfacing the key role CHROs must play as they move their organization beyond disruption.

October 26, 2016 / Content Highlights

7:00am - 7:40am

Registration & Breakfast

7:40am - 8:30am Opening Keynote

Turning Talent Into Productivity (at Last) With the New Employee Value Equation

Keynote  sponsored by: bswift

Cy Wakeman
Author & Thought Leader
Cy Wakeman
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Amid the chaos that HR executives face daily, one of the key challenges is managing talent. The true value of an employee is no longer determined just by their technical skills, expertise or current performance. In order to determine the total value an employee adds to an organization — and therefore who to retain, develop and further compensate — leaders need a new ROI metric, one that moves beyond performance and incorporates “emotional expense.” In this session, Cy Wakeman will introduce a revolutionary value equation and teach key strategies for maximizing productivity while decreasing drama, and turning excuses into results.

8:30am - 9:00am

Networking Break

9:00am - 9:50am Breakout Sessions

Moving the Needle – Creating Health Influencers Within the City of Atlanta

Featured Session  sponsored by: Accolade

Yvonne Cowser Yancy, SPHR
Commissioner, Human Resources
City of Atlanta
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In the middle of the recession, the City of Atlanta had no money to deal with its mounting healthcare costs. The timeline was immediate, the clock was ticking, and the questions were harrowing: How could it secure competitive benefits, lower its costs and engage employees? Could book clubs, health fairs, push notifications, and Zumba classes really create a sea change? Join Yvonne Cowser Yancy, Commissioner of Human Resources for the city, as she shares how educating employees on their own health and health benefits saved the city millions, spawned fitness offshoots across the city, and improved the health of an entire workforce.

HR’s Role in Leading a Transformational Growth Strategy: Storytelling and Visualization

Featured Session  sponsored by: Root Inc.

Lynne Zappone
Chief People Officer
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.
Gary Magenta
Senior Vice President of Client Solutions
Root Inc.
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As a HR leader, how do you emotionally and intellectually engage your employees in your business strategy and their role in bringing it to life? Do you give them a chance to discover it for themselves and share their own story? Promise of sharing stories through visualization, dialogue and other user-centered creative methods wasn’t lost on Chief People Officer of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Lynne Zappone. In this co-presentation, Zappone and Gary Magenta, Chief Change Architect at Root Inc., expound upon their partnership to help align, deploy and sustain a successful growth strategy throughout Popeye’s. Join this session to learn how you can bring leadership and the entire organization together around strategic business plans.

Executive Pay – The Journey Ahead

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Willis Towers Watson

Rob Kight
SVP, Human Resources
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Teri P. McClure
Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources and Labor Relations
Dennis Taylor
VP, Human Resources
Munich American Reassurance Company
Andy Goldstein
Managing Director and North America Executive Compensation Leader
Willis Towers Watson
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For compensation committees and executive compensation professionals, 2016 may be the most challenging year in recent memory. Significant regulatory developments are on the horizon and there are growing shareholder pressures and activism to get the pay-for-performance equation right. In light of continually evolving performance management systems, what’s relevant to the overall discussion, and what creative solutions can be embraced? This interactive conversation looks at how major U.S. companies are updating their pay programs to sharpen the link between executive pay and corporate performance, as well as key regulatory and legal developments that implicate executive compensation.

9:50am - 10:20am

Networking Break

10:20am - 11:10am Breakout Sessions

Making Work Human and the ROI of Social Recognition

Featured Session  sponsored by: Globoforce

Jennifer Reimert
VP, Solutions Consulting
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In today’s human workplace, employees seek greater meaning in, and appreciation for, their work. At the very foundation of a more human workplace is social recognition. CHROs can leverage the power of social recognition to support greater culture unification in the workplace, build trust in senior leaders and create a meaningful community experience for colleagues. When companies engage in social recognition programs tied to a company’s goals and values, they can tap into the discretionary energy of colleagues, positively impact engagement and performance, unlock the true potential of their workforce and enable their business to thrive.

The Mirror Has Two Faces: HR's Role in Defining Culture

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Clearwater Consulting Group

Leslie Joyce
EVP, Chief People Officer
Exide Technologies
Katy Owen
Chief Human Resources Officer
Interface Inc.
Jill Wilson
SVP Human Resources & Talent Management
Carter's, Inc.
Becky Dannenfelser
Clearwater Consulting Group
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Does your company's reputation precede it? Is it known for being inclusive, or well-balanced, or vibrant, or negative? In this age of Glassdoor reviews, six degrees of LinkedIn separation and predatory hiring practices, a company's culture is akin to its calling card. On this front, HR's role in creating cohesion and harmony between enterprise and employee should not be underestimated. Constructive feedback, active encouragement and clearly articulated company goals are only the beginning-join this dynamic conversation about the importance of identifying and cultivating an actively engaged culture and workforce.

Future Perfect – Succession Planning Revamped

Featured Session 

Jed Milstein
Chief Human Resources Officer
Asbury Automotive Group
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In order to ensure that a company’s key leadership positions are staffed timely, the CEO and Board must prioritize having a proper talent inventory and robust pipeline. CHROs looking to gain the support and enthusiasm of the enterprise’s top leaders will find themselves tasked with putting together a succession planning process that is both practical and engaging. Join Jed Milstein, CHRO of Asbury Automotive group, as he discusses how to reinvigorate a classic succession planning strategy by tying it to company vision and values, and how it leads to planful talent solutions for your company.

11:10am - 11:40am

Networking Break

11:40am - 12:50pm Luncheon Keynote

Revise, Revive

Afternoon Keynote  sponsored by: ScottMadden, Inc.

Angela Santone
EVP & Global CHRO
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
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In an effort to propel company-wide cultural transformation, Turner’s embracing a new spirit of “more fun, less fear, all in”. How? By having Charles Barkley teach employees about candor, by encouraging the use of poetry in performance conversations, and by handing out boxes full of cash, of course! Hear Turner’s Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer Angela Santone explain how this global media company is responding to industry disruption by investing in big, bold ideas inside the HR function and across the company as a whole.

12:50pm - 1:20pm

Networking Break

1:20pm - 2:10pm Breakout Sessions

Moving Thousands to Live Longer and Better

Featured Session  sponsored by: Quantum Health

Meg Newman
SVP and Chief People Officer
HD Supply Holdings, Inc.
Charles White
VP, Compensation and Benefits
HD Supply Holdings, Inc.
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When the results of an engagement survey revealed company-wide dissatisfaction with benefits, HD Supply’s Chief People Officer, Meg Newman, and VP of Total Rewards, Charles White, set out on a three-year long wellness roadshow to gain insight into the hearts and minds of their people. Using creative educational outreach and radically honest conversations about health, Newman and White’s tour to speak with 11,000 of their 15,000 associates began to create waves of change across the enterprise. Join this session to learn how the convergence of analytics, communication transparency, and an investment in employee wellness can pay dividends for the health of companies, associates and their families.

Unlock the Power of Appreciation

Featured Session  sponsored by: O.C. Tanner

Kevin Ames
Director, Speaking and Training, O.C. Tanner Institute
O.C. Tanner
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Research proves that appreciation accelerates human performance and employee engagement has an important role in every organization’s success cycle. When people engage with your culture, vision and values, your company will grow. The potential of this engagement delivers great purpose resulting in a positive impact on financial results. Industry leader Kevin Ames presents essential ways to appreciate great work, the key role managers play and best practices for delivering meaningful, purposeful moments of recognition. Learn just how much appreciation matters and how unlocking its power will help to overcome the challenges of a constantly churning and ever-changing market.

From Operational Reporting to Talent Analytics

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Cornerstone OnDemand

Liz Gottung
Senior Vice President & Chief HR Officer
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Todd McCarty
Cumulus Media, Inc.
Randy Patterson
BlueLinx Corporation
Mike Bollinger
AVP, Global Thought Leadership & Advisory Services
Cornerstone OnDemand
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Everyone understands the infinite potential that analytics holds for HR—the question is, have organizations tapped into the power of their own data? Like having a pair of X-ray goggles, access to and understanding of the data at HR’s fingertips makes it possible to see beneath the surface of an enterprise in order to optimize growth and innovate. Join Cornerstone OnDemand in a session devoted to exploring practical ideas and actionable solutions for addressing the barriers that impact an organization’s ability to progress to the far reaches of prescriptive analytics. Learn how to build out your team and develop skill sets which may surprise you.

2:10pm - 2:30pm

Networking Break

2:30pm - 3:20pm Breakout Sessions

Fit as a Fiddle: HR Goes to Bootcamp

Featured Session 

Linda Nelson
Georgia State University
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After a series of conversations with her key stakeholders, Georgia State University CHRO Linda Nelson recognized that improved coordination between central and divisional HR could enable university-wide partnerships to blossom. But before HR could begin to think like a business leader, they would need to revise their default settings and move from supporting to leading, from administering to analyzing, from assisting to influencing and from reacting to impacting. Through leveraging the collective knowledge of all HR divisions, a departmental transformation began to occur. Join this illuminating session to learn the strategy and success behind this award-winning HR Bootcamp training program.

Time to Stop Wasting Talent

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: Lee Hecht Harrison

Carla Chaney
Graphic Packaging International
Alanna Mahone
VP, Human Resources
Mansfield Oil Company
David Stafford
Michelin North America, Inc.
Stephanie Sloan
SVP, Talent Development Solutions Director, Southeast Region
Lee Hecht Harrison
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Today, organizations of all sizes are forced into making rapid, strategic workforce changes. The skills necessary for success today are different than they were a year ago; in a year’s time, the skills equation will change again. A more holistic approach to workforce management, one where organizations plan ahead, would ensure the right people are retained and seek to shorten the landing times of new hires. Join this conversation to discuss trends affecting workforce transformation; the role career transition firms can play in talent acquisition; and how organizations can proactively prepare to redeploy or place transitioning employees prior to termination.

Building Brand Ambassadors Through Educational Development

Executive Boardroom  sponsored by: American Intercontinental University & Colorado Technical University

Vicki Cansler
Piedmont Healthcare
Liz Gottung
Senior Vice President & Chief HR Officer
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Debbie Miller
Sr. Director, Corporate Human Resources
Mohawk Industries, Inc.
John Aquilino
Senior Business Development Consultant
American Intercontinental University & Colorado Technical University
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Creating your own brain trust of company evangelists, innovators, and engaged front-line leaders may be more attainable than you think. Building these brand ambassadors begins with educational development and training opportunities for employees. But first, employers looking to strengthen employee engagement and retention would do well to understand employee motivators and barriers to education. Colorado Technical University and American Intercontinental University host a boardroom session on best practices to provide employees with education and training, and the ways in which the commitment to employee development may strengthen enterprises.

2:30pm - 2:55pm Game Changer 1

The Key to Unlocking Employee Financial Wellness

Emerging Provider  sponsored by: PayCheck Direct

Darren Bonnstetter
PayCheck Direct
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Financial wellness is a top priority for HR professionals, but creating an engaging program is no easy task. Join Darren Bonnstetter to discuss innovative ways of promoting responsible employee spending.

This is the second of two concise and compelling 20-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value presentation will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

2:55pm - 3:20pm Game Changer 2

Up Your Survey Game and Up Your Engagement

Emerging Provider  sponsored by: Talmetrix

Chris Powell
CEO & Founder
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Talmetrix CEO Chris Powell talks successful strategies behind impactful surveys, including the benefit of staying focused yet flexible, keeping data points consistent and ensuring questions match your goals, for starters.

This is the first of two concise and compelling 20-minute presentations during this breakout session. Each brief, high-value presentation will extract a leading best practice or a breakthrough industry solution with tangible takeaways.

3:20pm - 3:40pm

Networking Break

3:50pm - 4:30pm Closing Keynote

Diversity and Inclusion – A Competitive Advantage

Keynote  sponsored by: VCG Consultants

Andrew R. Davis
Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
The Coca-Cola Company
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With over 700,000 system associates in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola aspires to be as diverse as the markets it serves. While there’s no denying the allure of working at an iconic brand, Coke understands that what brings people in isn’t always enough to retain them. Rather, Coke has learned firsthand that the best way to sustain a diverse workforce is through cultivating a culture of inclusion. Join Coke’s Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Andrew R. Davis, as he recounts Coke’s history, successes and its pursuit of diversity and inclusion as its competitive advantage.

4:30pm - 5:00pm

Closing Reception & Prize Drawings