Charlotte CHRO Virtual Executive Summit

November 12, 2020 | 8:00am - 1:15pm EST

November 12, 2020 | 8:00am - 1:15pm EST


Collaborate with your peers

Come together with your peers virtually to tackle top business challenges through peer-driven content and discussions at the Charlotte CHRO Virtual Executive Summit.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CHROs today:

Leading through a new employee experience

Redesigning HR strategies, structures, and service delivery models

Modernizing mental health and well-being programs in a new era of work


Cheryl Black

Sunbelt Rentals

Rebecca Sinclair

American Tire Distributors
Chief People and Communications Officer

Lisa Yankie

Dentsply Sirona
SVP, Chief HR Officer and Communications


November 12, 2020

8:00am - 9:00am EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Charlotte CHRO State of the Union

[Scheduling not confirmed]    2020 has been a challenging, volatile and transformative year for everyone but none so much as our human resources leaders.  As we start to look back on 2020 and determine the long term ramifications this year will have on our future, CHRO’s need to rise above the commotion to reflect and forecast the implications of larger global, national and professional forces that are at play. 

Join your peers at this interactive session to discuss the current and future-state of the CHRO and our workforces:

  • Implications of recent and upcoming global and national events 

  • The changing and emerging role of the CHRO in the organization post-crisis

  • Identifying inflection points on the horizon and how they may impact the workforce, talent and human resources

9:00am - 10:00am EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Making Concrete Progress in DE&I

The tragic reality of systemic racism is at the forefront of America’s consciousness again. How are HR leaders truly infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into their organizations to make lasting change in corporate America and society? 

9:00am - 10:00am EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Realigning and Evolving HR Metrics for the New World of Work

[Scheduling not confirmed]   Like a sudden and unexpected earthquake, the workforce landscape and HR’s priorities completely shifted under everyone’s feet almost overnight. HR is facing a tidal wave of competing challenges of needing to reduce costs, drive a workforce that is suddenly operating in a way it never has before, shifting corporate values of what is important and wider societal movements that impact employees and the workforce. The aftershock has resulted in a misalignment of what is being measured and what needs to be measured now and in the future. Join this thought provoking discussion to consider:

  • Emerging metrics that are increasingly important to incorporate into your analytics program

  • New ways of measuring productivity in virtual and hybrid environments

  • Methods for tracking new HR data and developing KPI’s

  • Using ONA to align new and emerging priorities

  • How to develop an agile people analytics program

  • Evolving to predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Balancing privacy, empathy, wellbeing and surveillance in the new world of work

10:00am - 11:00am EST Virtual Summit Keynote

The Future of Work and HR Design

The future of work is now and CHROs are redesigning the HR function to deliver. In this keynote session, HR leaders discuss how their strategies, teams and structures are transforming in a new era of work.  

9:00am - 10:00am EST Executive Boardroom

Evaluating Hybrid Workforce Models and Organizational Structures

[Scheduling not confirmed]   Many companies don’t see a 100% full time remote workforce as viable for the long term and are planning some form of hybrid model.  The benefits of having dispersed employees are now more clear than ever, however recent pre-pandemic case studies of several high profile Silicon Valley companies suggest that mixing virtual and on-site in the long term can be a challenge. Moving to a permanent hybrid workforce model combined with the need to be able to quickly and continuously adapt have also necessitated many to reevaluate their existing organizational structures, roles and work design.

Join this thought provoking boardroom to share:

  • Benefits and trade offs of different workforce models

  • Organizational structures that foster agility and flexibility and that can quickly adapt to future black swan events

  • Designing a model and structure aligned to company needs and culture

  • Evaluating current-state decision making processes, hierarchies and levels of autonomy and adjusting for the requirements of the  future-state

  • Managing the transition to new models and structures

  • Leveraging analytics to make workforce and organizational structure decisions

11:00am - 12:00pm EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Driving a Culture of Purpose, Trust and Innovation in a WFH and Hybrid Workforce

  [Scheduling not confirmed]   The single biggest issue keeping most Charlotte CHRO’s up at night right now is how to drive company culture in a virtual or hybrid environment.  How do you foster trust between managers and employees and between team members?  How do you cultivate interactions and informal networks that lead to innovation? How do you inspire and grow a sense of purpose in individuals and across the organization?

This is a critical challenge for all Charlotte CHRO’s, none of whom any one has all the answers. This boardroom calls for the community to put our heads together to identify how we will find answers to some of these questions.  You will share ideas for:

  • Cultivating informal interactions and connections in a virtual environment

  • Aligning culture and creating a sense of belonging between your hybrid, in-person and virtual workforces

  • Introduce a new mindset, practices, processes and cultural changes that emphasize trust, experimentation and purpose

  • Developing your leaders to prioritize and drive culture

  • Develop your virtual workforce playbook

  • Using ONA to measure and drive culture, purpose and innovation

11:00am - 12:00pm EST Virtual Summit Boardroom

Reimagining Employee Experience for the Next Normal

[Scheduling not confirmed]    As the business response shifts from survival and recovery to renewal and redesign, understanding and crafting a new and more meaningful employee experience will be at the top of every CHRO’s agenda.  Reimagining the employee experience will see HR breaking down silos and setting in motion a snowball of organizational courage to embed employee connectedness, belonging and well-being into the DNA of organizational culture. 

Bring a spirit of collaborative problem solving to this interactive boardroom to discuss:

  • How the employee journey and the moments that matter are changing

  • How to operationalize care, well-being and connection in an organization

  • Crafting your new employee experience strategy and metrics for the next normal

12:00pm - 12:45pm EST Virtual Summit Keynote

Closing Keynote


12:45pm - 1:15pm EST Networking

Community Discussion

An informal and interactive opportunity for you to network with peers in small groups. 

11:00am - 12:00pm EST Executive Boardroom

Working with the Board and CEO to Drive Business Strategy

[Scheduling not confirmed]    If this black swan event has a silver lining it is that corporate boards’ eyes have been opened to the true strategic value and critical importance of human resources in an organization.  

The combination of moving towards stakeholder value creation, with Wall Street’s recognition that a company’s intangible assets and human capital drive a significant portion of a company’s market value, along with HR’s central role in responding to the current crisis...mean that CHRO’s have a seat at the table like never before.  

Join this practical discussion where all participants are encouraged to share their own tips and discuss:

  • CHRO’s role in developing and driving the business strategy

  • CHRO’s role in shaping culture, organizational structure and human capital assets

  • Linking human capital and culture metrics to the value of long-term strategic assets and value creation

  • Why CHRO’s are best positioned to drive and deliver innovation across the organization

  • How CHRO’s can leverage VUCA environments to demonstrate value and leadership to the business

  • Become a valued sparring partner to the CEO


Charlotte CHRO Program Manager

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