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May 9, 2011 / Conference

7:00am - 7:40am

Registration & Breakfast

7:45am - 8:50am Opening Keynote

CISO Challenges: Keeping Up With Change


Malcolm Harkins
Intel Corporation
Anne Kuhns
VP, Info. Security & CISO
The Walt Disney Company
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Today’s world presents a unique time for information security. With the speed of change accelerating, the CISO faces significant challenges. The constant barrage of news items highlighting hazards such as wikileaks, advanced persistent threats, cybercrime, hacktivism, social computing and consumerization of the enterprise is overwhelming. In addition, threat of legal and regulatory actions is increasing, as the U.S. is discussing a ‘kill switch’ for the internet in an effort to protect national interests. Is security about confidentiality, integrity and availability? Is security more about business enablement and risk management? Does information security really exist anymore? Will it in three years? Should it exist at all? Why is information security such a struggle? Malcolm Harkins and Anne Kuhns will lead an interactive discussion addressing these critical questions while exploring the role, responsibility and future of information security.

8:50am - 9:20am

Networking Break

9:20am - 10:10am Breakout Sessions

IT Means Innovating Together: The Next Decade of IT Trends

Best Practice

Tom Soderstrom
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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IT organizations are faced with a challenging, but exciting time as new information technologies and cutting-edge developments dramatically alter the way we live, work and socialize. Join Tom Soderstrom as he draws upon his experiences advising ‘life-and-death’ IT experiments to glimpse into the future and offer his expert views on the hottest technologies, IT trends of the coming decade and intriguing innovations just beyond the horizon.

Session discovery topics:
• Examining emerging trends — benefits and challenges
• Understanding the next generation of technology and innovation
• Predicting the future of IT organizations — analyzing the role they will play

Identity and Access Management: A Pragmatic Approach

Best Practice

Hank Gruenberg
AVP Information Security and IT Compliance
Tokio Marine Management, Inc.
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IT organizations are required to manage large numbers of user account directories while maintaining efficient security and access controls. Confronted with an out-dated access management system that did not properly address confidentiality and availability requirements, Hank Gruenberg faced the task of developing a cost-effective solution that delivered value to the business. Through a reinvented process that alleviated the complexities of the current system, Gruenberg aimed to efficiently meet security, operational and compliance objectives.

Session discovery topics:
• Recognizing the root of the problem — why is access management difficult
• Creating a governance model — using a two-phase approach while avoiding inherent complexities
• Analyzing results — improved controls, business value and lessons learned

10:10am - 10:35am

Networking Break

10:35am - 11:25am Breakout Sessions

The Life of the CISO

Best Practice

Jonathan Chow
NBC Universal, Inc.
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What’s in a name? The expectations that organizations have placed on their CISOs are not only challenging to meet, but often are challenging to define as well. How well are you living up to your role? At different times you may be expected to be a technical savant, a family therapist, a new-age philosopher, a wartime general, and in some cases a ‘yes man’. You may be expected to be all of the above, all in one day. This is the life of a CISO.

How can any one person ever live up to such lofty expectations? Jonathan Chow will discuss what makes the perfect CISO, how to tell if you’re being effective and how to maintain your sanity while being all things to all people.

Limitation or Liberation: A Practical Look at Your Mobile Security Strategy

Best Practice

Ed Pagett
Lender Processing Services, Inc.
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The fast-paced environment of mobile technologies presents a challenging task for IT security, and CISOs must manage a double-edged sword: critical decision points are driving custom mobile security strategy overlaid with the existing control market. Join Ed Pagett as he discusses the competing forces of IT consumerization in the mobile market and the tangible security concerns it exposes.

Session discovery topics:
• Controlling the device or the data
• Implementing and managing levels of control
• Methods peers in the community are practicing

11:25am - 11:55am

Networking Break

11:55am - 1:25pm Luncheon Keynote

The Next Century of the Information Age: A New Digital Media Landscape


Robert Tercek
Digital Media Expert
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The advance of human civilization has been governed by breakthroughs in media and communications technology. Today, at the dawn of the second century of electronic media, we are experiencing another massive transformation driven by new ways to communicate and share ideas. This discussion led by Robert Tercek, one of the world’s most prolific creators of interactive entertainment, provides an inspiring look at the social and economic impact of the age of accelerating information.

1:25pm - 1:55pm

Networking Break

1:55pm - 2:45pm Featured Sessions

The Many Faces of the Cloud: Understanding Options and Implications

Executive Discussion

Bently Au
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.
Josh Davis
Dir., Info. Sec. & Risk Mgmt. (CISO)
Qualcomm Incorporated
Robert Brown
Director, Info. Security & CISO
Arthur Lessard
Mattel, Inc.
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Conversations discussing the cloud are numerous and diverse, presenting security organizations with challenging and critical decisions. The hype surrounding the myriad of marketed services, and the push to adopt a cloud model, has led many security leaders to question when and how to successfully transition into cloud environments. This panel discussion will explore key factors driving cloud initiatives and identify new risks that are preventing many IT security organizations from placing mission critical data in the cloud.

Session discovery topics:
• Considering varying views of the cloud — establishing a definition and framework for discussion
• Revisiting decisions in a shifting cloud landscape
• Examining your security infrastructure now vs. in the cloud — understanding key differences and benefits

2:45pm - 3:10pm

Networking Break

3:10pm - 4:00pm Closing Keynote

Brand Security – What is it Worth?


Marc Varner
McDonald's Corporation
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The golden arches of McDonald’s represent one of the most recognized brands in history. Serving more than 60 million customers daily in 117 countries, consumer confidence is critical to the McDonald’s brand. As such, IT security can have a huge impact on brand confidence and protecting shareholder value, and no one knows this more than Marc Varner, CISO for McDonald’s Corporation. What Varner also understands is that McDonald’s size — an estimated 1.7 million
employees — represents a great deal of information security risk.

To combat these risks, Varner has implemented a governance plan which is helping to drive a global strategy and direction. In this session, Varner will share prior experience concerning brand and reputational loss, the speed at which these circumstances can occur, and what he’s doing to ensure that McDonald’s customers, shareholders and employees are never affected by such events.

4:15pm - 5:00pm

Closing Reception & Luxury Prize Drawings