November 21, 2013 / Conference

7:30am - 9:00am Private Roundtable Breakfast

Capital Allocation – Winning Strategies for CFOs

Exclusive to Governing Body members and select CFO peers.

Jon Biro
Consolidated Graphics
Dennis Laraway
Memorial Hermann Health System
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To encompass the variety of challenges facing CFOs in different industries, this discussion begins with broad talking points intended to spark in-depth conversation focused on capital allocation strategies. Senior finance leaders know balance sheets are tied to shareholder value, but what should CFOs do with the amount of capital their organizations held — and likely still hold — during the recession? What factors signal the time for action? What is the thought process finance leaders use when strategizing how and when to spend excess cash? Join this session, moderated by The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, to participate in a conversation on what CFOs must do to push their businesses out in front and avoid being left on the sidelines.

9:00am - 9:15am

Networking Break & General Registration

9:15am - 10:15am Opening Keynote

The Balancing Act – Global Enterprise Expansion vs. Geopolitical Forces

Keynote sponsored by: Profiles International Inc.

Dale Buckner
President & CEO
Global Guardian
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Every CFO faces the inevitable challenge of balancing enterprise expansion opportunity against geopolitical forces. Global enterprises face cultural challenges associated with fundamental differences in education, religion, societal interaction, tribal structure and political instability. Dale Buckner, President and CEO of Global Guardian, utilizes his global exposure and decorated military leadership experience to relate geopolitics to global business and shifting from domestic “city-state” leadership strategies to global “tribal” strategies. In this interactive session, Buckner explores regional risks and trends correlated to enterprise operation with an international scope, specifically in emerging, sometimes hostile, markets and economies.

10:15am - 10:30am

Networking Break

10:30am - 11:15am Breakout Sessions

Capitalizing on Big Data – A CFO’s Guide

Executive Discussion sponsored by: EY

Christer Johnson
Principal, EI-Analytics Americas Leader
David Remnitz
Global & Americas FTDS Leader
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To keep pace with today’s speed of business, CFOs are continuously challenged with the task of analyzing data to effectively generate insight that informs decision-making. However, given the excessively high volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data sources, mastering Big Data can be daunting. In this session, learn new strategies and innovations that executives are deploying to enhance their decision-making capabilities, mitigate risks and improve business performance.

Session discovery topics:

  • Technologies to manage large, disparate data sets and generate improved decision-making
  • Analytical approaches and new ideas that can be derived from joining multiple data sources, instead of looking at data in silos
  • Techniques in data visualization, statistical analysis and text mining to take analytics beyond traditional rules-based tests

Using Technology to Streamline Operations and Increase Productivity

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: Oracle

Matt Stirrup
VP of Finance
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CFOs, perhaps more than any other executive, are continually asked to leverage business process enhancements to streamline operations and increase productivity. Integrated financial management solutions allow finance leaders to drive efficiencies, manage risk and push sustainable growth. Join this Oracle-led executive boardroom conversation to learn and share how technologies can help organizations remain agile, respond to changing conditions and effectively manage costs to provide added business value. In addition, hear the latest best practices for implementing process improvement initiatives for finance operations and beyond.

11:15am - 11:30am

Networking Break

11:30am - 12:15pm Breakout Sessions

Risk Management Solutions for CFOs

Featured Speaker sponsored by: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jon Efken
Director, GCB Head of Commodities Sales
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
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CFOs, their CEOs and other stakeholders in the organization want improved corporate governance and increased transparency and accountability to achieve the desired outcome of risk-reduction. Be it compliance with a new regulatory requirement, exploring a new corporate strategy, acquiring a new business, implementing a new technology, or simply keeping up with a fast-changing business environment, managing the risk profile is vital to any organization fulfilling its mission. Join Jon Efken from Bank of America Merrill Lynch as he shares solutions for what works best and emerging trends in risk management.

Session discovery topics:

  • Providing financial flexibility at minimum cost
  • Enhancing capital allocation and performance management
  • Leveraging strategic flexibility

An Overview of the Cyber Threat Landscape

Featured Speaker

Angela Haun
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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With the number of attacks on cyber networks growing, it is more important than ever for businesses to be aware of the threat landscape — both internal and external — and identify opportunities to collaborate with IT in order to predict, prevent, detect and respond to incidents. In this informative session, FBI Special Agent Angela Haun will share the current trends in cyber threats, best practices for mitigation, and information-sharing opportunities. The presentation also provides finance leaders with a better understanding of the FBI’s national cyber efforts and the realities of law enforcement engagement.

Global Business Services – Moving to the Top Quartile

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: Genpact

Greg Ray
VP & Global F&A Practice Leader
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The global business services model continues to be one of the most popular improvement strategies being leveraged by companies today. Have companies implementing the strategy achieved the targeted level of improvement? While most of the early focus on GBS initiatives was centered on cost reduction, organizations must now move on to new forms of value creation.

This interactive session will explore critical trends that are shaping GBS organizations and how top quartile companies are taking a balanced approach between efficiency and effectiveness to get the most out of their GBS journey. The session will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to not only learn about the latest GBS best practices but also hear from peer CFOs about their lessons learned.

12:15pm - 12:30pm

Networking Break

12:30pm - 1:45pm Luncheon Keynote

Creating a Culture of Ownership – Leading for 100 Percent Responsibility

Keynote sponsored by: Workday

John Izzo, Ph.D.
Author of "Awakening Corporate Soul" & "Stepping Up"
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Imagine working in a culture of ownership where people take 100 percent responsibility for their careers, the success of the business and the workplace climate, and they take initiative to make the business better. In this session, John Izzo explores how to create such an environment. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience advising some of the most engaged companies in the world, Izzo shares how HR leaders can create a culture where “victim thinking” becomes a thing of the past, and people step up to take responsibility. Enjoy real-life examples of companies and leaders who create ownership cultures, and be challenged to follow suit. This session is based on Izzo’s newest book, “Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything.”

1:45pm - 2:00pm

Networking Break

2:00pm - 2:45pm Breakout Sessions

The Uneven Economic Recovery from the Great Recession

Featured Speaker

John Duca
Associate Director of Research
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
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Join John Duca from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, as he provides perspective on how the economy is recovering from the recent recession. In his presentation, Duca will discuss how the boom and bust in the housing markets and finance affected the economy, as well as how some of these effects are lifting — and what factors are altering — the pace of recovery. Duca will also touch on consumption numbers and the European economic disruption, as well as policy wrenches the Fed considers. He will provide a Texas-centric economic viewpoint, including what’s happening regionally with the real estate and oil markets.

Improving Performance to Transform Finance and Push Business Growth

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: EY

Anthony Tripodo
Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.
Mark Vise
CFO, Americas
Laura Howard
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To reach full potential, organizations must continuously improve their performance — and sustain that improvement. CFOs are key cogs in driving and maintaining advancement in finance and throughout the entire organization. EY’s Laura Howard will help lead this executive boardroom discussion to cull ideas for delivering measurable and sustainable improvement in business performance.

Session discovery topics:

  • Transforming the finance operating model and sharpening the performance management framework
  • Designing and managing outsourcing, offshoring and shared service center arrangements
  • Conceiving and implementing enterprise cost management systems
2:45pm - 3:00pm

Networking Break

3:00pm - 3:45pm Breakout Sessions

Regulatory Issues – What Else Lies Ahead?

Featured Speaker sponsored by: PwC

Keith Rowden
Partner, National Quality Organization
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With the ever-increasing and ever-changing landscape of government regulations coming from Washington, D.C., finance leaders are looking for information to make solid business decisions. Join this session in which PwC’s Keith Rowden provides an overview of the accounting, reporting and auditing regulatory environment. In addition, the session provides an update on the current agendas of and significant changes being considered by the SEC, FASB and PCAOB.

Unlocking International Value – Optimizing Liquidity, Leverage and Operations

Executive Boardroom sponsored by: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Treasa Fitzgibbon
Director, Global Transaction Services, Energy & Power Industry Sales Executive
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
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One of the biggest challenges an organization faces is how to structure itself to adapt, grow and prosper. This boardroom session moderated by Bank of America Merrill Lynch will include the following questions: How can changes to the corporate organizational design unlock liquidity, financing capacity and economic value? What is the best way to position the enterprise for future growth and operational excellence? How can leadership teams be encouraged to embrace change, develop plans, and execute transformation? Join moderator, Treasa Fitzgibbon as she leads a discussion on how to maximize the value of the organization.

3:45pm - 4:00pm

Networking Break

4:00pm - 4:45pm Closing Keynote

The Transformation of our Nation’s Healthcare System


Dan Wolterman
President & CEO
Memorial Hermann Health System
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The recent shutdown of the federal government highlights how healthcare continues to be one of the most important and contentious issues facing the nation. Expenses are skyrocketing, while the government reimburses hospitals for only a fraction of their costs. In addition, growing expenses associated with adequately insuring employees are causing major companies to abandon their plans in favor of insurance exchanges that may exacerbate problems with individuals’ ability to pay. Perennially named as one of the region’s most influential people in healthcare, Dan Wolterman, president and CEO of Memorial Hermann Health System, is helping lead the industry through many complex state and federal challenges and will share his insight on the critical responses needed to avoid a breakdown in healthcare delivery.

4:45pm - 5:15pm

Networking Reception